I am often asked how did I get into this work, and in its true best spirit it was all by fluke!! As a child I was always aware that there was something else going on, other dimensions close to our own, mysterious but very real. I was enormously perceptive and intuitive. A solitary child, my friends were the nature elementals and those in Spirit, who shaped and inhabited my imagination. The imagination is integral to communication with those on other planes of existence, the imagination is the playground of the Divine. Looking back, I realise that this was the beginning of the training, an adventure that would continue.

Over the years I became interested in comparative religions and Celtic history and my keen interest in phenomena kept bubbling away in the background, whilst I got on with the process of living. There were children to raise and a career to create, I threw myself into my studies of Social Sciences with the Open University and I worked for the Citizens advice Bureau, as well as other public sector positions. Little did I know that these activities were also all part of the training and the skills and structure that I learnt are still integral to my consultations and stand point.

I was actually in my late 30's when I happened upon the College of Psychic Studies. As is usual with the universe, the timing was perfect. My sister was due to take part in a workshop on Sprit Guides at the College with Linda Kay. However my Sister was unable to make the day so she gave me her place, it was this act that was about to change my life irrevocably.


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I made a connection with an important guide who worked closely with me for several years. At the end of the day, Linda took me on one side and urged me to take a place in her class, it was she who gave me the confidence to explore the Psychic faculty further. After a couple of years with Linda, I was asked to study with Gerrie March. Again,this was to be a move that would bring about significant changes.
A little while later, I found the confidence to contemplate working professionally with my beloved Tarot cards. 

I was with Gerrie for a year or so, although it takes several years to train a Psychic medium. There are many skills to learn. One of the key apects of training with Gerrie is Platform mediumship and to this day I still serve certain churches and centres demonstrating Spirit communication.

I obtained my first deck of cards 25 years ago.They were given to me by someone who also became close to me and recognised on some level that I would resonate with them. It was a Spanish deck, which I pored over for hours. Alfred Douglas was my guide and his book is now well thumbed & leaves falling out as a testament to that fabulous piece of my history. I believe that we do not find Tarot, Tarot finds us, and the minute they were pressed into my hand was the moment that as a result of a fluke my destiny was set. We have been together ever since. We have travelled together to many countries and cities. We have met interesting people & faced good & bad times, as I have grown so have they and I look forward to a continuation of a very special journey.

I see Tarot as a window through which we can discover ourselves. As the great Sufi master Ibn Arabi has said'to know ourselves is to know God'. Tarot provides an organic healing system that gives us insights into how to create balance & harmony in our lives and how to work with patterns, cycles and influences that operate on many levels.I think that in these modern times Tarot is probably the most relaible and far reaching of all systems as it so versatile and can cover many areas including the corporate over view and the psycho/spiritual perspective.

I am not a fortune teller. I hope that my consultations and teaching practice encourage the querent to gain confidence in all that they do, thereby empowering and enabling themselves to make quality life choices.My consultations are organic, they are what they are, the information and contact is appropriate for the client at the time. I use all my skills and disciplines that I have gleaned over a long period of time, these would include, Aura reading, Psychometry and Spirit communication, yet it is Tarot that lies at the very heart of the session.




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