It is not essential to have a knowledge of the chakra system to be a good psychic, however some insight into the aura can be useful in understanding the energy field of an individual.

Getting a sense of the aura is a good way of tuning into someone. This allows us to put ourselves on one side & think about a spirit to spirit link. We forget that we are ostensibly spirit, all be it in a physical form.
When we sense the aura we don't have to touch base with all the colours, just the ones that psychically speak to us, this gives us a fairly good idea what is happening with the client on an energetic/spiritual level.

The colours of the aura are from the chakra centres. Our body is matrixed by many, many chakras, but for now we shall be aware of 7. By understanding the role of these centres we can gain insight into the way of energy & how we can utilise this on a psychic level of understanding.

Chakra comes from the sanskrit word 'wheel.' The chakras are vortexes of energy present in the etheral body & in related locations in the physical body. Inside every human there is a network of nerves & sensory organs that interprets the outside world. We have within us a system of channels(Nadis) & centres of energy(Chakras) that look after our overall well being.

The Chakras are composed of high frequency energy strands that the spiritual eye perceives as light. The life force is channelled to the body & it's organs via the nadis & meridians & enters the body through the chakras.

So, these subtle energy centres or Chakras look like spinning discs or spheres.They are located along the spinal column.

When we are familiar with the colours of the chakras & their related 'domain', we can get a fairly accurate picture of the condition of the spirit within the human & the journey it is undertaking. The Chakras serve as psychic triggers or portals to the psyche.

Knowledge of the Chakras is by no means imperative to the process of psychic development but this knowledge is a valuable tool should one wish to embrace it.



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