‘’When we work with our own life material, we become our own master.’’ Avril Price

Do you have a burning question to ask? Would you like to explore the path life seems to be taking you down?


Why not book in for a one hour tarot reading consultation with me?


Bringing together all my areas of expertise, I include aura sensing, psychometry, exploring life patterns and spirit communication in my consultations. I can help in determining the influences and trends that surround any given situation, encouraging positive life choices and personal empowerment.

Bring a photograph or object, if you'd like, and an open mind - and let's begin!

Tariff:  £100 for a one hour reading

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What to expect from your consultation

Keep an open mind...remember the ways of spirit are subtle. Your Consultant may be receiving information in all kinds of innovative ways, don't limit the interaction by imposing what you think should be happening within the dynamic of the consultation.


Have a general idea of the points requiring focus...whilst it is great to get an overview of your life influences and indeed should be actively encouraged, try to bear in mind what area of your life is of particular interest to you. Do tell the consultant what that area is.


Discuss the session as you go along...a consultation is not a passive experience, ask or answer questions where appropriate. Be involved, conversation can often tease out the smaller details.


Your life is your responsibility...a good Psychic will not tell you what to do. Life can be perplexing at times with all the different choices to make and  avenues to explore, but the only one who can make those choices is you. Your Consultant will discuss the influences and trends that are operating in your life, the rest is up to you.

Your Consultant may wish to discuss the predict or not to predict, always an ongoing debate. As it stands, the past and present exist, so why not the future? To a large degree the future is already in the physical due to life choices already made. However, in the present, the future is not fixed and a simple shift of perception or action can change it. If you want to know the future remember it is not cast in stone. Look carefully at the influences presented before you and choose wisely.


Time lines

It is difficult to nail something down to an exact time, yet your Consultant could possibly give an outline for the likelihood for when events could come to pass. Again, be aware that nothing is fixed.


A skilled Psychic will be able to go into great detail about people around you. It can be very intriguing to know about someone important, it may not be fair to have that information if they are not there to give permission for disclosure. Your Consultant should come from a place of integrity and therefore should not engage with psychically frisking or spying on others.

Choose your Consultant well....if someone has been recommended to you then it is likely that this person will be good at what they do. Be cautious about a Psychic who does not have a track record. If you feel that the session is not working then say so. Your Consultant should be able to tell within the first 10 minutes if it is going to be a successful consultation or not.


What to do if it goes wrong?

If your Consultant tells you that they are not getting much information for you then just accept it. It is not your fault that this should be so nor is it the fault of the reader. It just happens. It could be that it is simply not the time for a reading or the Consultant is not the one for you at the time or maybe you have had too many readings!


One can have too many readings. Having a consultation with someone who knows their stuff can be highly addictive and expensive. By rights, the Consultant should be wary of encouraging dependency. The recommended timing for consultations is between 3 to 6 months.


What is a Psychic?

The word Psychic comes from the word Psyche meaning soul or soulmind. Therefore, a Psychic is someone who is highly intuitive and perceptive in order to get the 'measure' of the activity in the Psyche and the influences and trends and everyday events that have affected its passage.

What is a Psychic Medium? This is someone who is skilled in Spirit communication and can link you to the consciousness of a loved one or Guide. They bring healing and uplifting messages. A medium should not have to prove themselves but should be able to discuss the reality of life after death.


What is a Tarot reader?

A Tarot Consultant is highly skilled in the art of reading symbols and messages from the cards. The cards act like keys or portals to the psyche and enables the reader to bring beneficial information to the client about salient aspects of their life.


Other skills usually available to the Consultant. Very often a reader will use one or a variety of skills to enhance the session. Some of these include:

Psychometry. Handling an object or item of jewellery can give information about the owner.


Aura reading. By looking to see what colours in the energy field are psychically sensed by the reader one can gain insight into the client.


Mediumship. This offers proof of survival of life after death. A Spirit communicator can come through with a personal message of healing and upliftment.


More often than not, a Consultant will have several talents all of which, if properly used can bring together a wonderful and memorable reading.


Premonitions of Death. It is largely a big No-No to discuss the predicted death of someone, no matter who it is. Very unethical. It's unlikely that a Consultant could have that precise information, this is not to be confused with Near death experiences, should someone predict death, be cautious about seeing that reader again. Try to remember that Death in symbolic terms actually means rebirth and please ask your Consultant to elaborate if necessary.


Your consultation is important as it is about YOU. The aim of the consultation is to bring to you information that is relevant and beneficial, encouraging you to feel empowered and informed. At the end of the session, expected to feel uplifted and enriched.

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TarotYou is an innovative format for a consultation which looks at your vision not only that but it provides the opportunity to discover who you are and where you are as you work towards your goals.

Don’t know what your vision looks like?


TarotYou is designed to support you as you create ideas around what that vision might look like.

Not sure if you have what it takes?

TarotYou delves into your skills and any latent talents.

Fearful of change and uncertainty?


TarotYou explores any specific changes that are required and the process of taking a risk.

Can’t let go?


TarotYou works with you to step into a progressive and meaningful chapter.

TarotYou consultations can be a one off to assist you in designing your future goals and aspirations or it can be a series of sessions which are geared towards discovering your authentic self as you work towards your vision.

Tarot can provide a clear view of your inner processes and how they interface with your place in the outer, material world. 

Each consultation is an hour long and is unique to your personal path and circumstances. If you want to know more about your purpose, potential and possibilities then TarotYou is your next step.

Consultations are available by Skype or person to person.

Tariff is £100 per hour



Monday 18 Jan to 22 Mar 2021, 7pm to 9pm

Wednesday 20 Jan to 24 Mar 2021, 7pm to 9pm

Friday 15 Jan to 19 Mar 2021, 7pm to 9pm

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