It is not enough to have a talent for reading the Psyche, results come from practice & effort. Here are some tips:-

We are all born with Psychic abilities to lesser or greater degrees. Some are more aware of their abilities than others. I feel it is a good thing that someone should wish to develop their sixth sense or intuitive self, not only is it life enhancing in a myriad of ways but also it is reclaiming an innate ability that is inherent in man & at one time was important to the development of the species by helping him to deal with natural predators & thereby survival was ensured as mankind adapted & adjusted.

In our 'safe' & controlled modern day environment, the sixth sense is redundant, the reclaiming of one's natural authenticity & ability to think freely,is in turn paramount to our next stage of evolution here on earth.

The intuition sends us messages constantly. That inner voice is guiding us to the right place or thing, something that is wholly good for us. Our intuition can support us in our everyday life but can also give us great insights as to the other realms or fields of consciousness that surround this one. 

In order to truly develop the psychic faculty one has to believe in it. Tell the sub conscious that you are going to be psychic, communicate this intention using affirmations.

a. I am open to Psychic information.
b. I expect psychic information.
c. I trust psychic information.
d. I will act on psychic information.

The process of meditation allows us to still our minds & release ourselves from the mind junk that we live with daily. Through meditation we can move beyond the Earth's density & connect to consciousness on a higher level. Meditation also enables us to connect to the Divine source & to hear the rythem of our guides & inspirers.

We are not going to be Zen masters, so sitting in meditation for hours is simply not appropriate. A few moments each day to have the 'connection' should suffice.

One of the joys of meditation is making the time to enrich & explore the inner landscape, that place where we engage with spirit & where we are buffetted from the storms of life. Through practice we get to know ourselves on so many levels & the secret of being psychic is to 'know thyself.'

Sometimes we fall asleep during meditation, drifting in & out of consciousness. This happens when we are fatigued or stressed and in need of healing. Things you could try to remedy this are:

*Deep breathing.
*Physical exercise.
*Actually sleep first.
*Healing session beforehand.
* Energy boosting exercises.

We can aid relaxation by playing gentle music. Being in candlelight often optimises our meditative experience. Go through the parts of the body, tensing & relaxing each bit in turn.

Don't fight your thoughts, let them flow in & out & be aware of your breath. Don't try to do too much too soon, gradually build up the time period spent in meditation. A little bit of practice goes a long way. Rome wasn't built in a day!!!



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