Sunday 7 March 2021 at 10am The Chariot



The Chariot comes at a pivotal point in the Major Arcana, it can be seen as the axis card as we move from interdependence into independence.


Chariot demands that we explore our ability to move forward and how we measure up to success, ultimately we are working out what our willpower can do and what we can manifest with it. We can see willpower as an arrow shot from a bow, the arrow needs a target, and this target is our goal or vision.


In this workshop we will be taking the Chariot to a new level of understanding as we observe the forces at work in our life, what challenges or compliments our willpower and what we can do to make everything work for us in a positive and uplifting way so that life happens instead of being stuck or settling for less.


This promises to be an inspiring and motivational workshop which will assist us with getting back on track or moving towards that longed for goal.




ONLINE VIA ZOOM - Tariff £45



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I am proud to announce the re-launch of the fabulous Kitchen Table workshops! So excited!

Following on from the success of the Kitchen Table Workshops, where we engaged in some wonderful, inspirational teaching and discussion, I have decided to offer them online.

We will progress through the cards unpacking each one symbolically, exploring the depth of each card and how to work it all into a reading.

Everyone gets an opportunity to contribute to understanding the beauty and wisdom of the Tarots as well as learn some new stuff as we go along.

Kitchen Table Workshops are available to all levels, whether you are a beginner or seeking revision and inspiration, the sessions are geared towards being part of a like-minded crew of Tarotnauts and the emphasis is on warmth, conviviality and expansion.

Each session will include studying Tarot through discussion, spreads, key phrases and things you can try out yourself at your own leisure.

If you truly want to get acquainted with your Tarot cards then Kitchen Table Workshops are just for you! Rock out your Tarot brightness and join us!

The workshops are half day sessions only from 10am to 2pm or 3pm to 7pm via Zoom. Smaller groups are encouraged to ensure in-depth discussion. Comfort breaks are included. The workshops will be on a monthly basis.

Your investment is £45.



Saturday 20 March 2021

Time: 10am till 5pm

Tariff: £90


In this workshop you will be exploring Tarot as a healing modality, in particular working with our ancestors as guides, inspirers and co-walkers.

You will be looking at how our ancestors connect with us and link into our deepest wisdom to facilitate what is beneficial and relevant in order for a healing process to happen, either for ourselves or others.

During the day we will work with an overview of your role as a healer and Tarot reader, through spreads, discussion sharing insights and connecting to the group spirit we shall be answering questions such as:

What do we mean by healing with Tarot?

How does Tarot work as an agent for healing?

How do I recognize a connection with my ancestors?

How do I listen to their message?

What are the benefits for a client?

What is the best way to deliver a message?


From participating in this event you will gain a greater awareness of how your reading style and how you integrate that with spirit communication.

You will receive a greater clarity of your participation in the process of a client’s healing journey and what that might mean for you.

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Understanding the Celtic Cross ONLINE WORKSHOP

Sunday 6 June 2021

10:00am - 5:00pm


The day is for anyone who has an interest or enthusiasm for tarot but it is advisable to have a working knowledge of tarot cards.

The Celtic Cross is a spread which is frequently used by many tarot readers.

Although it is ubiquitous, its deeper meaning is often overlooked. The popular pattern of this spread makes it a ‘go to’ layout for readers as it touches all bases when looking for past, present and future influences and thoroughly observes the narrative of any given situation or experience.

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy of the spread, breaking it down into smaller detail and how to take each piece of the spread to a deeper level of awareness.

We will look at the creative polarities within the cross and relate them to the human psyche, this in turn teaches how the tarot can synchronise and tell the progressive story of the querent in meaningful detail.

The Celtic Cross can also provide insightful information regarding the mind, body, spirit connection and which will lead us to a greater sense of well-being and personal mastery. This workshop is supportive and useful to those on a tarot journey and will enrich consultations, accelerating your understanding of the cards and how they operate.

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Tarot Go-Pro Certificated Course ONLINE

Saturday 15 May

6 weeks

Ready for a soulful career in tarot? Join Tarot Master Avril Price to take your passion for Tarot to the next level. Our online certified Go-Pro Tarot certification gives you the prestige, confidence and acumen to become a sought-after professional Tarot consultant.

The Go-Pro Tarot course is for advanced Tarot practitioners – whether you have trained at the College or have developed your skills elsewhere – who wish to embark upon a fulfilling career with the cards. In this course, Avril will give you the keys to unlock your future as a professional Tarot consultant.

This course is open to all experienced Tarot practitioners, both College alumni and those who have developed their skills elsewhere. Participants must be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Tarot OR have at least four terms' experience in the College's Advanced Tarot course.

This course is limited to 10 participants only.

Avril will be conducting interviews with all applicants, the first dates are: - Saturday 17th January: 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm, 3pm - Saturday 6th February: 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm, 3pm

The College will contact you to arrange your day and time. Further dates will be added as and when required.

The 10 successful applicants will receive a welcome pack. Avril is also gifting a 30-minute supervision session to each successful applicant, to be taken during the course.

  • The cost of this course is £1450 for members and £1650 for non members

  • A £500 deposit is payable on booking to reserve your place

  • Successful enrolment is subject to an online interview and assessment with Avril

  • If your application is not successful, your deposit will be refunded in full

  • If you are offered a place, the balance of monies due will then be payable.


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Monday 18 January to 22 March 2021 7pm to 9pm

In this course, you will learn the traditional meanings and concepts behind each of the cards and learn how to relate the symbols, numbers and colours to life material.


Wednesday 20 January to 24 March 2021, 7pm to 9pm

This course is for those who have completed the foundation course and wish to explore Tarot further, including developing your psychic insights connected to the cards.

Friday 15 January to 19 March 2021, 7pm to 9pm

In this advanced course Avril will share her experiences as a Tarot consultant with her students and raise their awareness to a whole new level.

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Monday 18 Jan to 22 Mar 2021, 7pm to 9pm

Wednesday 20 Jan to 24 Mar 2021, 7pm to 9pm

Friday 15 Jan to 19 Mar 2021, 7pm to 9pm

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