Guides we all have them.....whether you believe them to be extensions of yourself, your higher self or a discarnate being orchestrating your every move is neither here nor there. What is important is that you hear them. It is unlikely that you hear your Guide as an actual audible voice, it is more likely to come from within. This voice transposes itself as images, visions or feelings.

Whether we believe in Guides or not does not stop their essence working on our behalf & at those times when we feel bereft of their essence it is more likely that we have left them, as opposed to the other way around. In fact their primary role is to heal that separation that we feel at various times, the root source being a separation from the Divine that we undergo at birth & indeed that separation that becomes a making our way back to the 'Beloved' as Rumi so eloquently puts it. 

Your imagination plays a great part in communicating with your Guide. The imagination is key to understanding the psychic faculty. Indeed the imagination is the playground of the Divine. Our sub & supra conscious, which are the house of spirit, want to communicate with us, this happens using imagery & dreamscape, when we work creatively & imaginitively, we get better results by unpacking the pictures.

Guides take up physical form in our imagination in order to express their intent with working with us. They work inspirationally & reflect where we are in our cycles of development of potential.
Angels are beings of light & also work on our potential by mirroring back our light source. Loved ones cannot be truly Guides as we have shared an earth experience at the same time, however, loved ones can be fonts of wisdom for healing as we continue on our path.

The forms of physicality that Guides demonstrate can be archetypal in their appearance & can often seem to be ubiquitous & universal.
Native American, indicates a predilection towards the upkeep of the planet & is reminding you of the connection to the earth & the need to take care of the earth. Also very tribal & there is a pull towards understanding the ancestors.

Egyptian, signifies a mystical encounter with ones past lives or spiritual DNA. You are perhaps being reminded of the ancient voice within the ancient soul.
Chinese, aspecting healing wisdom & great insight into the nature of humanity.


These are just a few examples, however your Guide presents to you, it is for you to be inspired & guided!!

Guides will encourage & help you to discover your inner knowingness. The relationship that you create with your guides assists over time in the building of a refined & stronger link to the other realms. The practice of including Guides in your psychic development will bring greater insights & accuracy.

Sit comfortably. Allow yourself to relax & put your everyday thoughts on one side. Free the imagination, allowing images to flow & grow. You have probably sensed your Guide, extend this sense to creaing a mental image. It is imporatant that one engages in the exercise, rather than waiting for the information just to 'drop in.'

Breathe into your crown centre, sending out the thought, the intention to visualise your Guide.

Think about the colour that could represent your Guide. How old does your guide feel to be?

How does your Guide feel? light & fine or dense & solid? Would they be male or female?

Begin to image in(ation); the style of clothes they may be wearing & any obvious cultural significance. Do they wear jewellery or have adornments?
What about the face, the features? What colour is the skin? Hair, eyes, height?
See them standing beside you, feel the rythm & flow of their love energy, ask for a name that they can be identified with, offer peace & blessings in return.



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