The best way to engage with a card is to adopt key words for its meaning. These key words trigger off a psychic response to the symbolism in each card.  Here are but a few:-

THE FOOL - Fresh ideas. Adventures. Innocence. Look before you leap. Playfulness. Befriend Fear. Looking Ahead.

THE MAGICIAN - Personal Power. Resources. Beliefs & Ideas. Talents & Skills. Creativity. Flexibility.
Connection to Heaven & Earth. Self Belief.

HIGH PRIESTESS - Intuition. Inner Wisdom. Clairvoyance & Healing.. Goddess within. Over analysis. 

EMPRESS - Kindness. Bounty. Self worth. Motherhood& Pregnancy. Goddess of Love. Mother Earth. Family.

EMPEROR - Father. Patriarchy. Bravery. Rigidity. Preserve & Protect. Acheivement. Headstrong. Reliable.

HIEROPHANT - Philosophy. Marriage. Tradition. Spiritual Teacher. Community. 

LOVERS - Friendship. Togetherness. Romance. Personal Responsibilty. Difficult Choices.

CHARIOT - Moving Forward. Destiny. Personal Victory. Libido. Leaving the old behind.

STRENGTH - Vigilance. Creativity. Vision. Drama. Courage of the heart. Release the Inner Beast. Compassion.

HERMIT - Spiritual Journey. Meditation. Thinking & Reflection. Inner Wisdom.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE - Fate &Circumstance. Gifts. Breaking a Cycle. Optimism. Patterns.

JUSTICE - Diplomacy. Morals & Ethics. Balance. Law & Legal matters. Containment of anxiety.

HANGED MAN - Limbo. Suspension. Taking Stock. Transcend. Change of Perception. Sacrifice.

DEATH - Change in Cycles. Improvements. Transformation. Moving Forward. Organic Growth.

TEMPERANCE - Mercy. Psychological Healing. Spirit into matter. Brilliance. Keeping focus. Trying out ideas. Flow.

DEVIL - Addiction. Excessiveness. Debauchary. Self destruction. Manipulation. Discipline. Bondage.

TOWER - Chaos. Tension. Truth. Driving out the old. Tempestuous.

STAR - Dreams & hopes. Potential. Bright future. New concepts. Removal Of Blocks. Spiritual protection.

MOON - Illusion. Latent talents & powers. Deception. True to self. The unseen. Depression. Birth. Psychic.

SUN - Positivity. Beauty. Study. New location. Fortuitous partnerships. End of conflict. Sound psyche.

JUDGEMENT - Awkening. Re-evaluation. Rebirth. Letting go. Psychic protection. Resurrection.

WORLD - Balance & alignment. New roots. Fresh cycle. Completion of events. Travel. Recharge.