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Tarot School - Spirit & Destiny, July 2018

Psychometry At The V&A

Playing Cards Read By Psychic.

This pack of cards (only four left) were one of the items read by Avril during the first psychic workshop we conducted.

She had never seen or touched them before. Taking one of the cards in between her palms, click the image below to find out what she said...

Hair Of Deceased Person, Read By Psychic

For those with a hair fetish, this one’s for you.

This lock of hair, which is housed in the National Arts Library for those of you who would like to come and see the real thing for yourself, was one of the objects that Avril tried to ‘read’. She was not shown the handwritten note until after the reading. Click on the pictures below to read the full article.

Tarot Masterclass - Spirit & Destiny, April 2018

Turning your dream life into reality could be as simple as a card shuffle away.

Master The Tarot - Spirit & Destiny, August 2016

Tarot expert Avril Price demystifies this ancient form of divination and reveals how the cards can bring illumination into your life…

Tarot For Life - Spirit & Destiny, September 2015

Avril Price shows you how to transform your everyday life with the wisdom and insight of the Major Arcana.