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The Miraculous In The Ordinary (Or the story of the Ace of Coins)

''By working with your own life material, you become your own master.'' The idea for Kitchen sink spirituality came from meeting people on my travels, people who were in search of something & I met them through my seminars & workshops. I always think that it is such a privilege to facilitate someone on their spiritual path of unfoldment. It is akin to a rebirth. To observe consciousness as it expands beyond the two dimensional norms of our everyday reality, to unpack challenging concepts and arrive at one's own viewpoint, to move beyond the conditioning of societal proprieties. These are huge steps for those just beginning their journey and indeed they never really stop, it is always a case of work in progress, even for the most seasoned spiritual traveller. I came to eventually realise that as much as people wanted to take part in path working, be it discovering their psychic and mediumistic abilities or reading Tarot or simply exploring who they are as a person and their life purpose, that there was an underlying lack of trust in the process. Difficult !! Trust is an all important part of the whole kit and kaboodle! I think that lack of trust is entwined with unworthyness and I was able then to look back at my own experience of spiritual development. I remember quite clearly feeling panic stricken and awkward when it was announced that I should begin as a probationer at the College where I studied. I believe that nothing is by chance or ever random, but none the less, there was this overwhelming feeling of this can't be possible and I felt terribly agitated. The reason for this was because I felt inadequate, unworthy of holding the light. My life in former times has been chequered to say the least. A challenging past that has taught me many survival skills, however I thought that the position of a professional consultant should go to someone far more honourable and worthy. Later, it occurred to me that any good holistic worker, no matter their field of interest, has come from difficult circumstances and learning how one deals with these circumstances is part of the training required to work with spirit, as it is through navigating your way around difficulties that we learn to trust the voice within and the higher powers at work in our life. Life is hard and it is also what we make it. The Rose is a good analogy for life, the perfect bloom, reminding us of our own perfection, something that we bring with us from beyond birth, is supported by a thorny stem. The thorns provide the ouch moments that encourage us to grow, part of that growth is allowing courage, hope, strength and trust to be part of our personal manifesto. These spiritual qualities are not for us to have a greater understanding of the divine but for us to understand the nature of the divine on earth. After all the most spiritual thing we can do is simply to be alive. I understand that people are fed up of talking about God, instead we want to experience what God is... Everyone is spiritual. Everything is spiritual. We don't have to wear white or to have a degree to be spiritual, nor do we have to give away our worldly goods, end our relationships or give up watching soap operas. We can have mighty moments of spiritual revelations while washing up, cleaning the house or walking the dog. The miraculous is in the ordinary and is everywhere. Our spiritual well being is paramount to our own foundation and to the greater good of all.

Live to love.

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