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The Kitchen Is The Heart Centre, Make A Temple There

''Who are the modern day mystics? The enlightened ones of our time?

Could they just be ordinary people, living extraordinary lives…

whom perhaps nobody recognises…

yet all the world is made better for their being?

Could they be people like you?

How glad I am that you're in our beautiful world.''

Shona Alexander


The Kitchen

Quite recently I had my kitchen refurbished. This was a complete Tower moment; everything came tumbling down. The very centre of all usual activity rent asunder and amidst the ensuing chaos I had to figure out what it was going to be rebuilt into; a perfect mirror for where I was in my life. True to form, the timing was perfect!

I have lived in my home for 23 years and needless to say it is a bit battered but much loved. The doors and cupboards needed replacing, the floor had to be spruced up and the grime and grit required shifting. Again, I thought of how all of this was a reflection of my life as it was at the time, there was a real sense of the closing of a chapter.

Even though I am very settled in my place, it has not always been like that. In former years I have lived a nomadic lifestyle and all this change provided an opportunity for much reflection. I decided that I was no longer going to be the foolish fatalist, a victim of fate and circumstance, but I wanted to become a master of my own destiny, which is a constant work in progress.

Tarot and numerology

In Tarot and numerology, my birth numbers add up to the Wheel of Fortune and the Magician and I have this enduring vision of the Magician turning the spindle of the Wheel. For me, this image encapsulates the living and breathing being grabbing hold of life. The turning of the spindle represents walking in accordance with the universe and, by working with our incarnate skills and talents (our potential), we become co-creators with the universe in our own life, parodying the creative life force at work in the great blue yonder.

If we live in a mirrored universe what is reflected back to us?

The simple truism is that the only constant thing in life is change itself. The real skill is how to ride that bucking bronco...the ups and downs of our very existence. A skill I am still coming to terms with, even though my various life experiences have trained me to be a first class, bona fide, true born survivor. But surviving is not enough, we have to learn how to enjoy being who we are.

So, back to the kitchen! Now the kitchen is done and looking good. Everywhere is so new. I have more space, more cupboards and it is a joy to cook and eat in this fresh and lovely environment.

A favourite and enduring pastime of mine is to sit at my table and gaze out of the large window which is like a living art scene. The skyscapes are spectacular!! The table, along with a mirror dating back to 1864 and my sister's old welsh dresser were the few things that we kept. They have enormous sentimental value and little wonder. The table could certainly tell some stories, I often wonder what it might say if it were to be psychometrised!

The kitchen is a much loved space, not just by my family but friends and acquaintances who have all remarked on how special that room is. The joy that kitchen table has borne witness to, not to mention the fabulous, interesting and inspiring conversations that have been had whilst we have sat in counsel with the kettle at the ready. Wine has also flowed freely and meals lovingly eaten and with each bite, each sup, something special was added to that room. Life cannot be lived without a fight or a fall out. Once more, that kitchen has held the energy while peace was made, creases ironed and new vows made around the table.

So, whilst I was gazing out of my window, sat at my table, my heart aglow with fond memories and tinged by the sentimentality of a life well lived, I realised something…I realised that all who had entered my Kitchen had found a sanctuary; a temple. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. There are several Deities like Brigid for example who are guardians of such a place, they keep the heart in the hearth alive.

I like to think of my kitchen as a temple, with its remarkable ability to bring peace and mindfulness to even the most ravaged of souls. A place where even the higher self can enter freely. I think it is important for every home to have a space, a corner, a room or a floor that is for the heart. Your creed or culture does not dominate but it is a place of the heart, for it is within the heart that we find our true self and our divinity.

Your heart is your temple.

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