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Tarot Decks: Some Of My Favourites

Who could not love Tarot?

Tarot offers such a brilliant modus operandi for living life. It shows how we may avoid the pitfalls of futility, heartbreak, economic ruin and the usual gamut of strife, struggle and headaches that go on after we take up our earthly presence! However, it must be said that Tarot is also sui generis, in that it too speaks of maximising happiness and well being.

I feel that this marvellous configuration of symbols, numbers, colours and archetypal dynamics are somehow a contrivance of a seriously spiritual nature; a design for patterning our life, carrying inspiration from a higher source who largely remains only visible to the beholder.

I am assuming that most people who have Tarot in their life have a collection of several different decks. I know I do. And whilst my collection is not vast, it is plentiful.

I take great pleasure in looking at Tarot art and the depictions from various authors. I have found that some decks are visually exquisite but unable to function in a reading. There are others that are seemingly built just for work.

Here are some of my decks, that appear in no particular order, but all are favourites of mine.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Rider Waite Smith (RWS)

This one sprang to mind as being an obvious fave! I work with it a lot, both as a teaching device and also in consultations.

I believe that if one can get to grips with this deck, then it is likely that one can work with most decks, as many decks are based on this format.

The RWS deck was published in 1910 and it’s imagery encapsulates something of that era; the court cards, for example, are reminiscent of the theatre productions and characters from that time.

I think that the RWS cards were not meant to be as ubiquitous as they have become. It is for this reason that the deck has lost a lot of its lustre. Amongst other things, Waite was a master mason and it has come to my attention that much of this deck contains possible references to initiations and rituals familiar to masonic philosophy.

If one is prepared to unpack something of the symbolism and meanings of these cards, you can be guaranteed an insight into Tarot that will support you for the rest of your Tarot journey.

Tarot Illuminati

Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens

There is just one word for this deck…sumptuous. Each card is so rich in detail and colour; elegant women and powerful men. It is like walking into a medieval soap opera!

I am not sure if this deck would work for me in a one-on-one consultation, but on a personal level these cards are a worthy vehicle that makes my inner life look like something palatial!

The accompanying book is very good and is well written, supporting you on your journey into your inner landscape.

An ideal Tarot kit for journalling and personal discovery.

The Mary El Tarot

Marie White

I just adore this particular deck. It is like having your own art gallery. These cards were ten years in the making. They are deep, meaningful and enlightening and most images contain a ‘wow’ factor.

The book goes into each card in depth and includes Kabbalistic references which make the artwork even more interesting. Again, I don’t think that these cards would work in a consultation but as a personal deck it is really fabulous.

A must have for any serious collector.

Deviant Moon Tarot

Patrick Valenza

This deck is simply awesome! The images are surreal and a little bit intimidating as they take you on a journey into the unknown parts of yourself.

The images were apparently inspired by cemeteries and mental asylums. I found the artwork similar to that of the 70s theme of the shadow side of society. Books like Smallcreep’s Day and Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange come to mind.

I have used this deck for understanding my own shadow and have been pleased with what has been reflected back to me through it’s imagery. I am reminded of the saying:

It is not what you say that people will remember you, but how you make them feel.

Morgan Greer

by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

This deck rocks! It longs to work, like a faithful servant and I have received favourable comments from clients about the colours and images. I have had some fabulous sessions with this particular deck and it really works in a reading!

The imagery is very 70s; hirsute, moustachioed gentlemen and liberated women. It is a joy how it remembers all the relevant symbolism that has become a tradition in Tarot cards.

I worked with these cards all of last year when I was working on myself, and knowing that this work would be reflected back to me in my consultations I had to have a deck that was unfussy. The plain but vibrant ‘voice’ really spoke to me.

If you are looking for a deck that will work in consultations then this is highly recommended.

There are many more decks that I would like to add to this list and I will write about these another time.

Have you any favourite decks? Do you journal with them? It is always good to write down your findings.
Please let me know more about your favourites. It’s always a delight to discover something new!

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