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A Fool's Errand

I consider facilitating spiritual development in another to be a privilege. Sharing a journey with someone who is on a path of discovery (which never truly ends) is deeply rewarding and enriching.

I am passionate about Tarot

It has been an integral part of my life for many years and it never ceases to amaze and delight me. Tarot may be many things, but boring it ain't!

I hope to inspire and imbibe participants on my Tarot Studies courses with this same wonder and sense of magic whilst developing their insights into their own life story. I am also keen to guide others into seeing Tarot from different perspectives, so that one gains the overall impression of its versatility and beauty.

One of the ways to achieve this is to encourage the Tarot neophyte to take part in a project which they then share with their group. This happens at the end of my 10 week intermediate course at the College Of Psychic Studies. The idea of this project is to galvanise the students' relationship to their cards and to bring out their own unique style and approach to reading Tarot (and ultimately deepen the awareness of their own life experiences).

The Project

So, we take the 22 Major Arcana cards and we weave each card into a theme. In the past we have had rock music, opera, animals, recipes, Shakespeare, yoga postures, politicians and storytelling; the variables are enormous!

It always starts out the same; I announce the project to the group and am greeted with a lot of face pulling and groaning, then come the excuses as to why it can't be done. However, with a bit of cajoling it usually reaches completion.

I love that moment when someone shares their efforts with the group; not only does it make for a pleasant evening but I am always so touched by the erstwhile attempts which have resulted in fabulous creativity and thoughtfulness. On many occasions I have been blown away by a project, never more so than by that one who really didn't think that they would be good enough either at their project or as a reader. It is a beautiful moment when that person receives wonderful feedback from the others and their is this wonderful sense of achievement. Fabulous!

The Results

Digging around in my archives I came across a poem that a student did for his project. I remember him as being an unlikely candidate for spiritual pathworking as his life did not appear to be a natural fit for such activity. However, I learnt from him that you can never judge a book by a cover. It was wonderful to rediscover his poem and also to remember the life lesson.

And to that end I share the piece that he wrote.

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