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A Fool's Errand: the poem

A Fool's Errand

by Alan Mangan

0. One fateful summer evening I attended psychic school and began an epic journey in the costume of a Fool.

1 I knew the time was right for me, 'twas not a tough decision before too long, my innocence gone I evolved into The Magician.

2. I soon moved on from casting spells, no demons I invoke, I stood between two pillars as the mystic female pope.

3. From there I tempted every man, clad in a floral dress with Cupid's sweet seduction, child of Venus, The Empress.

4. The time had come to move along and formulate the law, to govern fearful subjects as the mighty Emperor.

5. To bridge the gap 'tween God and man my mantras I did chant I walked the earth, life, death, rebirth the pious Hierophant.

6. My next engagement flattered me, I'm back between the covers with every hero's nightmare a choice between two Lovers.

7. To choose one's love and break one's heart I might be dubbed Iscariot I'm glad to swap The Lovers for a victory in my Chariot.

8. I wouldn't risk contempt of court and fall foul of the law to mess around with Justice leaves one sorry, sick and sore.

9. Like every avid Troglodyte who seeks his scholars permit. I'll hide away for months on end 'til I emerge The Hermit.

10. I wish trump X were 3 of cups with music, wine and dance, not much to say but come what may a change of circumstance.

11. The card of Strength, depicts a maid befriend a fearsome Lion, her courage and self-confidence a mix of earth and Zion

12.The next transition in my tale deludes with no disguise a man suspended upside down observes with different eyes.

13. The card of Death, to fearful men shows coffin, crypt and tomb while those less pessimistic see a new life in the womb.

14. The card of Temperance teaches us when excessiveness abounds in steps our guardian angel to show us middle ground.

15. When ravaged by The Devil and in need of angst confession just face your fears, amid the jeers cut down on the obsession.

16. When life seems at it's bleakest and you face your darkest hour no hope in sight, be brave and fight to break free from The Tower.

17. With lightening bolts from trump XVI when solace seems afar come bathe in peaceful waters filled with hope from God's bright Star.

18. With troubles almost over and joy for everyone, come feel the warmth and happiness from rays of golden Sun.

19. The journey's nearly ended. We've come full circle, soon Illusion and uncertainty the hall marks of The Moon.

20. If you need to alter Karma, your priorities re-arrange the card of Judgement beckons you to answer calls to change.

21. I now conclude my sojourn, I've travelled day and night to dance above the globe of life, a crowned hermaphrodite.

The God's have truly smiled on me, their banners all unfurled I started Fool, broke all the rules and ended up the World.

© A Mangan 2010

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