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“There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.” Cyril Connolly

No Time For Anything.

The above quote by Cyril Connolly has become synonymous with writers and artists who, as citizens in this modern age, struggle to juggle childcare and all the other trappings of domestic life (not to mention a possible business one) with their creativity. However, does this quote apply strictly to artists? What about those of us who wish to design a life that reflects a desire to practice mantras and ​meditation,​ healing and inspirational speaking, m​ediumship​ and p​sychic development, Buddhism, Qi Gong, Sufism and swinging from the chandelier whistling Amazing Grace? The list of spiritual pursuits that are available to those that seek them in this day and age is endless.

It is my belief that spirituality is a form of creativity.

We talk about manifesting a life, objects of desire, our dreams and potential but before we can do any of that we must first understand that we are co-creators with the Universe (she who conspires with whatever is in our heart). Yet, do we know what is in our heart? And are we ever likely to find out, as we wade through the chaos of our lives before we get to any point that closely resembles a ‘moment’?

Labour saving devices were, amongst other things, intended to give us the free time to follow our desires. Can we honestly say that we use this free time effectively? We don’t have to watch the washing machine spinning around and at the same time wonder if the Wheel of Fortune might do the same revolutions per minute, nor do we have to be hidebound by dogmatic religion to be anything nearly spiritual, the maverick is so much more interesting. Reflection and contemplation can occur at anytime, inane household activities are particularly conducive to epiphany moments. In my case, cleaning up the kitchen has produced some fabulous and inspired ideas about the machinations of the Universe, real gems of creative thought only to be dashed by having to rush out of the door to keep an appointment. My local market has been a backdrop on more than one occasion for profound realisations, the most recent being the possible meaning of the parting of the Red Sea!

It is easy to be facetious about this dilemma but how do we find the time to devote more energy towards a fulfilling spiritual life?

The most spiritual thing we can do is simply to be alive. Our earthly life is all about experience. It could be argued that all experiences are spiritual. An aspect of that is altruism. I am fond of the adage, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It always has been and always will be of vital importance that we care about each other and what happens to our planet. That in itself is spiritual.

When my children were young we lived in municipal housing and there was always someone who was bereft of means to make their life work; a cup of sugar, babysitting, a loan until friday was all that was needed to make the world go around for them. Thoughtfulness often ensured your own well being.

Truth is a necessity if you’re ever going to live in harmony with spirit and become a source of inspiration to others as well. Truth and honesty connect us to our higher will and purpose. Each of us are spirit having a human experience and by so doing we reveal spirit on earth.

Our spiritual nature is not a hurricane blowing its way through life, but more of a steady progression, a journey into spiritual maturity.

Our personal wishes and dreams are only truly realised by blessings and good vibes from those that love and support us. It is imperative therefore, that we wish blessings for the good fortune of others...and mean it. So, if you feel that you are uninspired by the TV, the newspapers or radio, switch it off! Affirm to yourself: I no longer wish to be in an environment that does not inspire the highest good for my spirit. It is a good idea to have a journal with a pretty cover and jot down your own affirmations. Make them up...your own little book of calm. Think of those flashpoints in your life when you might need an affirmation to keep yourself centred spiritually.

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