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The Art of Sacred Space

‘’Knowing how difficult it was to find your spot, and above all knowing that it exists, gives you a unique sense of confidence. While you remain rooted to your "good spot" nothing can cause you bodily harm, because you have the assurance that at that particular spot you are at your very best. You have the power to shove off anything that might be harmful to you. If, however, I had told you where it was, you would never have had the confidence needed to claim it as true knowledge. Thus, knowledge is indeed power.‘’

Carlos Casteneda.

We can call creating sacred space an art form, I feel that it is.

We create our magical spot from the essence of our very being, a reflection of our spirit and how we want to be represented in the external world. Yet, we are usually not conscious of creative ability. Nor do we perceive that when we re-connect to that point in each of us that is the universe, that WE are an art form that is continually evolving. Part of our purpose here in the physical world is to mimic the creative forces that are at work in the big blue yonder.

Our inner landscape is our true reality.

We create the outer world from experiencing this inner reality. The exoteric is but a phantom of the world within, as a result everything is about self.

Designing a sacred space for oneself is a beautiful and conscious way of externalising our inner most being from the core. It is a truly magical form of connecting to all that is, and making a statement in the earthly dramas of living.

Marking out our sacred space is often about finding our spot.

My rocking chair in my kitchen is such a spot. The rocking chair has been a safe place for me. That is the point of sacred space, a haven of safety and comfort. The three things a human needs the most is to love, be loved and to be safe.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, happily I am free of it now but at the time it was a devastating and ultimately life changing event.

It was during this state of upheaval that the rocking chair moved into my home.

I found it in an antique dealer’s yard and knew I had to have it. It became a part of me during those long days of recovery.

I would sit for hours, firstly contemplating the kitchen table, then gazing out of the large window at the ever changing skyscapes as if looking for answers to the riddle of life. Gradually I brought other artefacts to join me in the safe margins of the chair.

A Buddha, a votive candle, crystals some items were added without thinking; others were carefully planned but the point is that each object spoke to me in a very positive and uplifting fashion.

Music is also very healing and I would put on my headphones and literally plug into the goodness of the universe working with my special objects as tools for a channel. It was a time of sadness, I didn’t trust myself, my body, my life choices, I was confused as to my purpose or my place in the world. It was dark and messy but being in the chair brought peace and allowed me the room to figure a few things out. It all seems a long time ago now but to this day I still see my rocking-chair, draped in a very special reindeer pelt, a token from a working trip to Lapland, as my sacred spot and I can go to it whenever I feel challenged by the world. In fact if anyone sits in my chair I know that they will receive a healing that is often much needed.

Making a space that show a reverence to the divine.

As a spiritual teacher of many years, creating space for self or in a group is not a new concept for me. I have learned it is vital not just for the spiritual seeker but for everyone. I really do think that each of us, whether we are conscious of our innate spirituality or not, should indeed make a space that shows a reverence to the divine being at work in the world. This could be a memory from ancient times but it is clear that we humans share the desire to have that extra special place in the house that reflects the spiritual.

To make a sacred space or an altar does not take much energy, time or money, just love and enthusiasm and the secret is to keep it simple.

You might not have a rocking -chair but you will have a corner in your home that is suitable for putting a spot or altar together. Don’t let the word altar frighten you, it is somewhere that will resemble your devotion to spirit, your acknowledgement of love as a life force in the world and a place that is safe to reveal your soul.

It is possible, as I do, to have in each room a corner, shelf or surface that will hold your precious objects. These objects must be about you they can be pictures of loved ones, spiritual icons, flowers and crystals anything in fact that you deem to be of spiritual worth. These add purpose and meaning and also allow us to push back the limitations of time and space so we merge with who we truly are as spirit.

The sacred space should be about renewal, peace and relaxation.

It is a place between heaven and earth, somewhere to meditate but also to serve as a reminder that you are energy and the Great spirit is ever present.

The altar or sacred space encourages you to release negative energy. To banish negative energy you must ask it to leave, and for it to be replaced by pure love. To help with this you can work with tuning forks, which are brilliant at breaking down stuck energy, incense, sprays and oils and the perennial smudge stick, a bundle of sage or cedar that looks like a cigar and when burnt gives off a rather pungent smell. The smudge stick was originally part of a Native American custom of being in counsel, the stick was burnt before the meeting, prayers were said and the prayers were lifted to the Great spirit in the smoke.

Your methods of cleansing are integral to the well-being of your soul place. There are no hard and fast rules here but be yourself and wave that stick with abandon and a good heart!!

Altars can also be used at work.

This is especially useful if you are a spiritual consultant of whatever discipline. Even if you are in a normal office, remember simple is just as effective, and discretion does not mean that you are not wholly connected. The sacred space is about you and your relationship to spirit.

The most beautiful thing about being in your own sacred space is that you become a living prayer, active, sacred, energy that is supportive and loving and mirrors back to you your true beauty and magnificence. You then can truly live to love.

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