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Rebirth and Renewal

The Easter message of rebirth and renewal

I hope you enjoyed the Easter break. As usual here in the UK the weather was at its unpredictable best and we saw four seasons in a weekend! I had plans to get out into the garden and to continue with the pruning and clearing making way for the new shoots that are appearing daily. I have a huge pile of willow branches to strip back from the pollarded tree and the cuts will be recycled into fencing and path material. The fresh buds and greenery are always so fitting with the Easter message of rebirth and renewal. I can hear the Tarotistas amongst us saying ‘oh no, not that old chestnut again!’ Yet, we can learn so much from nature and actually, I realised today, we learnt what we could or could not eat from watching animals.

The message of crucifixion and rising again

Anyway, back to rebirth. The Christ message of crucifixion and rising again speaks of the risen consciousness and gives us an insight into the ebb and flow of the evolving self. Consciousness has a rhythm of its own, like things in nature, it dies away in order to exist once more and with each rebirth it becomes more adapted to the now moment.

We all understand, in some way or another, what that process is like. It is not always easy, but the beauty in the Christ message is that we have the antidote in each of us for living in a harsh world. We can all heal each other if we wish. If hatred can be a politic then so can love. One hopes that with each renewal we are brought closer to being a source of love.

It is interesting that Easter comes at the time of the spring equinox

The pagan Ostara lives on. It is important then that humans know of this innate drive to constantly be in a state of rebirth, renewal, regeneration. The interdependent human race has to adapt and adjust in order for the species to continue. Darwin’s theory expresses itself spiritually, socially and in nature, the survival of the fittest.

Tarot and the risen self

There are several cards in the Tarot deck that speak of this risen self. Death immediately comes to mind as does the Tower, Judgement, Temperance and Star. Maybe you can think of others but what they have in common is that there is an implosion of circumstances that as a result will create a culture of transformative processes which ultimately will bring vast improvements into our life.

Spiritual attributes which shape our character

Also there is a period of great uncertainty and vulnerability, a time for being in no place. This process of going through this period allows us to grow in strength, to build courage and confidence, to trust and to have faith. These are all very needful spiritual attributes which shape the character.

Tarot assists us to see the influences that surround us at the time of rebirth and ultimately can then move forward with a greater sense of purpose and reinforced willpower.

From birth to death we will have become many people, in each of us is a tribe, colour your tribe and be!
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