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My student days at the College

I remember with great affection my days as a student at the College of Psychic Studies in London. As I think of it now a word I could use to describe it would be charming. I had never intended to become a psychic medium, Tarot reader or anything else of such an ilk. But somehow I ended up in a development class all by fluke. There followed a whole series of flukes that subsequently found me on the platform as a demonstrating medium. This was followed by becoming fully ensconced in the spiritualist world and offering sittings and teaching and this ultimately shaped my career into what it is now.

In some ways a sitting is about being witness to someone's story

It has been quite a journey. I see journeys as stories and we all have a story. In some ways a sitting is about being witness to someone’s story. Then of course there is spirit and they have a story too. These stories are rich, inspiring and immersed in the deliverance from the human condition in all its baseness into the all-pervasive world of consciousness. They are stories about healing, transcendence, evolution, honesty and love.

As you walk through the College door you are immediately confronted with its history. You get a real sense of how this old battleship was so important to those pioneers of spiritualism. Down through the years many mediums, several of whom well known, have crossed the threshold. The portraits on the wall are a gallery of brave and inspired people who pushed the boundaries of belief and widened the view of alternative realities to a public who for the most part still thought that God made us individually as if handmade and bespoke.

It was from the cradle of the culture of creationist thinking that spiritualism began

Nowadays there is still this atmosphere of intrepid spiritual adventure and an underlying passion to connect to the unseen. This does not mean the unknowable. The body of work done here is to trust that which we cannot know completely and to be open to ideas that spirit play a large part in our development as humans. They often remind us that we already have the answers we seek.

Love never dies

Love never dies, relationships continue even after someone has passed and sometimes we can get to know that person better. It is such a joy to connect to a loved one, many get such satisfaction and a feeling of well being. The job of the medium is to assist the spirit person to draw near in order to express good intent and revitalise a connection.

A spirit hug is remarkable and can leave a lasting and positive impression

However, there are exceptions and this story tells of such a case…

Room 2 at the College is one of my favourites. It is a large room on the second floor, a bright and airy with a glass cabinet of books with an assortment of titles. You will find everything from Silver Birch to Egyptian magic! In those days Room 2 would be a regular rendezvous for spirit, the client and for me. The general, delightful ambience of the environment would help things along. It has a very large window and from this window one can see the street below, gaze at the stone mural on the French Institute situated opposite or gaze into the building further down which often has functions in full swing.

In summer, this room can get quite warm. As there is no balcony, you have to open the window wide to let the air in. The sun floods in during these months and assists in creating a joyful and inviting atmosphere.

On this particular day, I met my client as usual at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Looking over the banister I could see the lady coming upwards, the top of her head a froth of reddish curls.

We shook hands, smiled warmly at each other and then went to sit in the room. The lady didn’t want anything in particular just a general overview, these can be interesting as they can so often lead to something truly meaningful.

After a short while I told the lady that her mother was stepping close. The expression on the lady’s face changed drastically her features becoming sad and angry all at once.

‘I don’t want to speak to her at all’ she told me emphatically. Her mother was insistent and the daughter was resistant. Energetically I felt like a push me pull you!!

All of a sudden there was a loud banging noise; we both jumped in our seats and I was puzzled as to where the banging had come from. It happened again; a sharp, loud rapping noise.

Then I realised the rapping noise was coming from the window.

But there was nobody there. I went to the window, as you do, looked out of it, behind the curtains, opened then closed the window; no sign of anyone or anything. Taking a deep breath, I sat down again and continued with the sitting, after all this is all part of the terrain for a busy medium.

The lady proceeded to tell me that she had not been able to love her mum for some years, This was all due to family problems and general dysfunction. The mum had been a cold and harsh person; life had made her that way but my client had needed so much more and had deep wounds due to lack of love and understanding. She was quite adamant that she did not want to connect to her mother. She felt that this might open up old wounds and as far as she was concerned she had dealt with the relationship and parked it away.

Just as we were about to start again the banging on the window started again but this time much more loudly and with a real sense of insistence.

Enough was enough, it was quite obvious that these two ladies were in a lot of pain. I knew the banging was the mum trying to get her daughter’s attention. So, gently and slowly I guided the lady into her experience of her mother. Bit by bit we unpacked their story together, the possibility of unfinished contracts, unfulfilled and unavailable love.

Step by step, mum who had received healing in the world of spirit, and could now see the difficulties that her life had to offer her and her children, began the process of making peace.

What seemed like an eternity, (spirit are good at giving you an idea about eternity) but was just an hour, both ladies were able to clear their heart and could finally reveal the light of their own true spirit and make amends for the dreadful loneliness and anxiety that this life had brought to them. They began, very slowly to understand each other and I could see the sadness from the face of my client.

Some months later, I met the lady in the street, by chance. She told me that she felt so much better and sitting with Mother on that eventful day had cleared up so much for her and indeed was now able to speak to her mum through flowers! Whenever she thought of her mum she would buy a bunch of flowers and put them in a nice vase. The flowers would pass messages back and forth between the two. Needless to say I was delighted with the result.

When spirit come knocking, healing soon follows, it is so true, love is all there is.
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