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The Tower

I always know when Mars is doing the rounds when the Tower makes frequent appearances.

When we have Mars retrograde, which only happens every two years and we also have Mars in Scorpio the big badass Tower keeps showing up!

You may find that you are wanting to deal more firmly with outstanding issues that need to be resolved or you may feel more confident about confronting challenges be they people or situations.

Warrior Mars is asking you to be leader in your own life.

We can see the Emperor emerge here, with his Arian, fiery, take no prisoners attitude. It’s no good being angry and shaking a furious fist at the world as this is not going to sort things. Instead structure, assertiveness and a sense of fair mindedness will have a much greater effect.

This is not a time for hiding under the table but rather seeing the reality of your life stuff. Instead of letting things drift, prioritise that which needs to be done and then do it.

Personal relationships might need jazzing up a bit and professional ones might need a spring clean. Anything that is now outmoded could be released and it is a time to think about the difference between fantasy and realities.

Are you living the dream or a lie? What is your vision for the future? What is your goal? An appraisal of your circumstances would serve you well right now.

The Tower is a much maligned card and is imprisoned by its fearful connotations. I see the Tower as supremely powerful partly because it brings us in touch with our own power.

Sometimes the Tower can represent accidents or troublesome events that spring up as quickly as a sea storm. If you remember that everything is a mirror and interconnected in your matrix, then all that you witness is a reflection of your life and which is shaping your truth.

When the Tower strikes you are being burst from the bubble that you have been immersed in. This requires you to see what is around you with new eyes. It immediately engages the spirit to heal distorted concepts regarding the separation between self and the universe and yet to consider the knowledge of self in relation to the whole. You become aware of the divine will at work in your life.

I see the Tower as spiritual healing.

From experience I have never witnessed spiritual healing as pretty or fluffy. Spiritual healing is the universe in jack boots intervening because we have become toxic and stagnant.

The Tower falls so that you may grow.

I want to tell you a story...

I have lived in my house for many years now and in all that time I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by the same neighbours. Although it didn’t always seem to be so fortunate.

There was a time when I was in a constant state of loggerheads with these particular neighbours. This went on for a very long time and they complained about everything I did. I tried to put right that which I could but very often their gripes were petty but troublesome. One day, standing at the kitchen sink, I was looking out into their very beautiful garden. The lady of the house was enjoying the sunshine seated on her garden bench. I said to spirit that it would be so wonderful if a healing could happen that would make the whole sorry situation between us better.

We needed a transformation, a kinder way of living. I offered my words up as a prayer.

Some weeks later I came home from shopping with my friend. As we drew level with my house we both stopped short in our tracks, we were aghast and our jaw dropped to the floor!

The woman next door had stretched her way through a gap in the wooden fence and, with a saw in her hand, she was furiously sawing down a beautiful Plane tree sapling in my garden! We were horrified!

Words failed me, she looked up and realised we had been watching her go about her wretched business. It was too late, the tree was felled and she scuttled inside leaving the sacrificed tree on the floor where it lay.

It took me a while to gather my wits but eventually I mustered the strength to knock on her door.

This was something I didn’t want to do, I avoided this person whenever possible but this was just too much.

We stood on the steps together. I was careful not to be angry or to dissolve into a tirade of bad language but at the same time I meant business. I told her what I thought of her and I asked her to look into her heart to see what she found there. I explained that we had always admired her garden so why did she think she had the right to deface mine? As she made her excuses for her excessive behaviour, something happened in that moment.

There was a realisation that everything had to be lifted into a whole new paradigm.

I saw that she had been fighting imaginary demons when dealing with me and now she recognised that it was all just an illusion. The reality was that we were not so different and that by fighting me she was fighting herself. She cleared the tree away and the following day brought a small gift, a token of peace. Although we will never be bosom pals, from that day to this we have been on good terms with each other and exchange pleasantries as good neighbours do. Peace reigns.

In a way, we can see the tree as the tower, it had to fall so that something much better could take place.

It doesn’t serve us to be in a bubble because that way we stagnate and the universe deplores a vacuum. If we don’t grow, then our corner of the universe doesn’t grow either. We are not doing what we are here to do…so the walls come tumbling down releasing us from our ivory tower.

Another element to the tower is the ego. When this card checks in I see that I am encouraged to be aware of my ego and not to let it have the upper hand. If I get too carried away and self inflated then something will occur that will bring me down to size; not always pleasant but oh so good for me!

In fact, our ego dies a thousand deaths a day and we constantly rebuild it, not from the old rubble but from new and relevant material.

The tower can also be seen to represent the spine or the erect phallus and can indicate problems in this area. Another aspect is that of La Maison Dieu, the house of God. We are being asked to look after the temple, the body, as the divine spirit lives therein and infers that how we treat our body is a reflection of our relationship to the Great Spirit.

So, the tower is indicative of dramatic changes, shattering insights and an emotional perception that shake our foundation and requires of us to re-evaluate where we are in the grand scheme of things.

At the same time, this wake-up call assists us to cross barriers so that the portals of mystery can swing open to reveal hidden treasure.
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