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In Limbo with the Hanged Man

June 28, 2016


"There’s not a lot of laughs in an underworld. This one used to be called Limbo, ya ken, cos the door was very low".

Terry Pratchett








We Brits love to chat about the weather but it’s hardly surprising when it displays a likeness to schizophrenia and one doesn’t know just what to expect next!



Experiencing all this rain of late is akin to being in limbo.

When is summer ever going to get started! It has got me thinking of the Hanged Man. Whenever he pops up there is a sense of slow motion, an interruption. However, no circumstance is ever wasted and we are given the opportunity to take stock of our situation and to look at what we need to surrender and redeem ourselves from.

It is time to take a look at life from a new angle - a fresh perspective. Gaining new perspectives is as rapid as switching on a light! We have just got to see things differently and not allow convention or the tried and tested to hold us back. Sometimes it is really important to change the complexion of our ideas, our personal narrative on the world.


The Suspended person precedes Death and is often an indication of upcoming transformation. We are being prepared.

Conscious transformation is not easy. It is our voyage into the wilderness for forty days; we feel lost and challenged but if we are prepared to go with it then the improvements will be vast and the rhythm of life is changed for the better. All of this, however, necessitates courage and valour; transformation is not for wimps. It requires letting go and we can see the beginnings of departure, or shall we say liberation, in the Hanged Man.


It is hardly surprising that the Hanged one has turned up from the collective consciousness. This is a time of forceful intensity and like a rabbit in headlights we stand and watch, at the mercy of others, and await our fate.


The suspended person asks us if we are able to jump into our pool of wisdom and recognise our ever evolving potential. If we can do this something very magical happens…we discover the limitless self.

We live in a world of petty tyranny and so called benevolent despots. Yet there is little work done for the greater good of all. Challenge and confrontation is required. We are jacked out of our comfort zone and into the unsettling area of letting go and abandonment of what we thought of as a workable aesthetic vision of self. The paralysis of the analysis betrays our ability to work the imagination and create a new vision. The integration of experience is vital.


Right now, our world experience is ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous; it’s time to take a stand. It was heart-warming to see the crowds in Soho after the Orlando shootings. Like the weather, we blow hot and cold on making a stand.


Making a stand is something we should do more of because by doing so we can change a narrative, a perspective, a way of being and from that only good must surely come.
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