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A Call To Love

Well, what a time it has been for us here in the UK.

These have been challenging times to say the least. It feels like we are in a boat being tossed around on turbulent waters. We are all being put on our mettle to look to our highest sense of self for the highest good that can be wrought from such chaos. Humans are no strangers to chaos; it could be said that is why we do the holistic work in order to make sense of the chaos we have been born into.

I am amazed by the synchronicities in Kitchen Table Workshops.

On Sunday we studied the Wheel of Fortune and the way that life unravels itself in its karmic roll to a destiny. The Wheel of Fortune is signified by Jupiter who was up there with Pluto (Death) and Neptune (clearing the fog) and the Moon at the time of the referendum. Powerful stuff. Now we have Mars moving direct aligning with Scorpio; phew, I can feel the heat from all that Martian energy as we speak, so buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Our forthcoming Kitchen Table Workshop will be centred on the Hanged Man and Justice.

Suspended activity that creates the opportunity to surrender all that is not workable. It offers a change of perspective where a balance can be struck, a reminder that anxiety causes things to appear out of proportion. Yet the need to speak a truth as one sees it is relevant and beneficial. In this workshop much ground can be covered in regards to coming to terms with your purpose and plans. I feel that many of you are wondering how this vote to leave the umbrella of the EU will affect the shape of things to come and Justice and Hanged Man will offer useful insights into how to move forward.

So, that is Justice for you people who voted from their own sense of truth. We adhered to our moral compass and we must respect that. It is called integrity and this is a lesson trickling down from the collective for all of us to learn, irrespective of how we voted. Experience defines our truth. It is not the experience of politics but the politics of experience. We will be on the side that we think will serve our interests.

Here lies the rub...

Everyone comes to their truth from different angles; this in turn has created a divided society. This is nothing new. We can look back on Thatcher's handling of the Unions, the feminisation of society, the Gulf war and Falklands war to see how divided we became. Even within families there was no place for a common agreement.

I happen to think that this whole process started a very long time ago. The industrial revolution first brought the notion of globalisation and it has been rumbling onwards ever since.

However, I think that cultures respond and react to situations historically. The history of a nation, its dynamic taken from its early years of formation and structure, remains an integral part of everyday consciousness. The divisiveness that we are witnessing is because we have factions that want their specific needs and experience to be acknowledged and liberated.

Here in Great Britain, our roots are feudal. There has always been a ruling class and there has always been a serfdom that pays for a tithe of land. The privileged want their status to be unhindered and have access to assets whilst the great unwashed want more rights. The question is: will this cycle ever be broken? Can there ever be a 'free' society?

In the history of Tarot it is reported that the cards would sometimes be used as teaching tools, showing how society operates.

Swords for the military, Pentacles for the Merchants, Cups for the clergy and Wands for the Aristocracy. As modern day mystics, healers and visionaries we are being called to heal the wounded psyche of past generations. We are burdened under the weight of past transgressions and in order to expand we must yield to the promise of evolution and enlightenment.

There is a kind of social Darwinism taking place. I hope that we are heading towards a bright future and that generations to come will not labour under the burden of a divided Britain that is perpetuated by outmoded and selfish leaders.

What to do now? We are being called to love.

We can express that love by having a vision for what we want to see in the world. We can love our environment by understanding that all that we do energetically transforms our surroundings. We can love the skills we were given to create a beautiful life and we can love, knowing that we are love and we came here to be love.

In the immortal words of Nietzsche: "Those things that fail to kill us only serve to make us stronger."

Live to love.

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