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A Juggling Act


‘’A wise man is a mercy for the two worlds’’.




Sitting down at my PC wondering what to write about, I looked down at my feet and a card had fluttered down and settled like a quiet butterfly in the shade. It was the Two of Pentacles. It must have flown from the pack the day before and had waited patiently for my attention.

‘Flyers’ are an interesting phenomena; they work beyond synchronicity.

There is an insistence generated from their ability to fly that grabs our attention and then demands to be heard. Yes, we hear Tarot cards more than see them! I would say that when a card flies from the deck it is not to be ignored. This card carries an important message which might otherwise get overlooked.

That is the fascinating bit.

It’s like spirit is working in tandem with you and, at that moment, it is possible that you would not engage with the reading. The archetypal procession of characters are all offering insights into your current influences, so, we get a flyer, and it's shouting ‘’Hey, check this out - this is all you probably need to know right now!’’

Ultimately, if you get a flyer, don’t go into a long-winded reading. Instead work with the qualities of the card that jumped from the deck; drill deep to uncover the layers of meaning. In amongst all the various aspects there will be that little gem of wisdom that was meant for you right there and then. It will be totally zen and totally now; both spirit and synchronicity aligning to bring you the gift of wise perception.

Back to the Two of Pentacles; I see this as not being balanced but juggling.

Tarot’s great teaching of wisdom is about being balanced in an ever changing, unpredictable and often difficult world. If we are juggling then we are not being balanced. Hence another Tarot lesson: don’t waste energy and avoid futility.

If juggling is taking up all our time then it is very likely that we are stressed and not doing what is needful or relevant. We are spinning plates, and when that gets too much, we must walk away. The best way to deal with stress is to go off and do something else which is more fulfilling. Those plates will still be there when you get back. Prioritise some light and some fun instead.

This Two is also about seeing both sides of the coin. It is time to be impartial, to be diplomatic; by so doing we can balance out the tensions between two extremes.

A healthy material existence derived from intentions to get projects done, doing the necessities to secure stability. Having confidence in the face of material change which hopefully bring joyful challenges of a physical/material nature.

We find ourselves in a place of enormous growth potential. Inertia is the enemy of growth. We must ask ourselves are we deploying distraction tactics in order to avoid development. Maybe past experiences have fostered a culture of non-motivation and mistrust. What we could see instead is that we are walking in accordance with the universe and authenticity is guaranteed.

We can have it all; we just have to stay on top. This Two...

“points to the experience of finding stillness at the heart of movement, of realising the immutable behind apparent change, of attaining to performance amid transformation, of experiencing silence and serenity at the still centre of one’s being”. (Nigel Jackson. Rumi Tarot).


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