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The Power of Intention

It's an interesting and scary world right now.

The world is an interesting place right now and a little bit scary perhaps. But I think the secret is not to become too immersed in all the drama. Don’t become attached to the outcome, instead, concentrate on your well-being and your plans for your future.

How do you see yourself and what are you doing?

As difficult as it may first appear, the current chaos is a good time to start something new. Surf the waves and see what goodness this potent energy may bring you!

The Talmud tells us that "All beginnings are difficult, every venture depends on the way you start.’’

Not sure what that venture is or where to start?

Enter into a meditative state. With eyes closed, select one card from the deck at random and turn it over. The card is the particular spiritual quality that you need to keep in mind as you initiate a new project, relationship or enterprise. As long as you feel that your venture is at the beginning stage, let this card be a signpost for helpful direction.

We are all capable of living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. First we have to work out what is holding us back and distracting us. Are we serving poverty consciousness?

The way forward is to work with the power of intention.

In this immediate social climate it is all too easy to forget our purpose and path. Our inner world is the true reality; the external is a physical replica of the internal landscape. So how do we emerge our ideas, hopes and dreams into the everyday world?

The dictionary describes intention thus: aim; ambition; design; conscious; goal; object; plan; purpose; target.

We need intention as a guide to find our way.

Our goals might shift as we progress but we need that all important intention to initiate a beginning. Nothing can remain in a state of stasis. The wheels of our life have to move forward. A clear vision will bring about a manifestation of the best we can be of ourselves at the time.

Our way forward is to accept that change is a catalyst for wholeness.

It is worth remembering that we are co-creators with the universe and she listens to what is in our heart. She will work with us in order to bring about that which lies deep within our psyche. I think we do indeed have to be careful for what we wish for as the wish is not really based on conscious thinking but rather what is in the deepest part of our inner being.

Step back and take stock. Differentiate between specific people, relationships and situations. Trust our judgement. Allow ourselves the space to grow. Be balanced in all things. Let action and transformation bring us healthy challenges that enrich the spirit.

Live the dream; live to love.

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