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Here we are in August and the wheel of the year has turned once more.

We now find ourselves in Lammas, although by the time you get this, we will have passed through the official day of recognition which is 1st / 2nd August. To my mind the whole of the month is about reaping that which we have sown both literally and metaphorically speaking. From past efforts and experiences come new beginnings and opportunities. All that we have harvested has to last us during the darker months of autumn and winter as well as through the challenges and undulations that is life.

Lammas means a loaf mass and it is the time when we bring in the harvest and a bread is made from the first grains.

Another name for this time is Lughnasadh which means commemoration of Lugh. Lugh is a Celtic sun god and king of light. August is his sacred month, and his mother, Tailtiu, is also celebrated. Feasting, fayres, games and bonfires were, and in some parts still are, the way to uphold the spirit of Lughnasadh.

The Grain Mother is the spirit of the Lammas Goddess, the Harvest Queen.

The Empress is an embodiment of this Goddess, Ceres and Demeter. The corn mother. Persephone was her daughter, a grain of corn that was put into the depths of the earth where she quietly took form and grew and re-appeared in the spring to become full again at harvest time. The fullness of the present harvest is a promise of harvests yet to come, a hope for the future. The magical aspect to this is that each of us carry the eggs and the seeds for the continuation of life, of harvests yet to happen.

We can see Lugh as John Barleycorn, the spirit of the corn.

He sacrifices himself in the reaping so that others may live on and from the seeds and he himself will live to see another day. The Death card speaks clearly of these cycles, the ebb and flow of life. From the point of fullness we then journey into the emptiness that then becomes the fullness again. Death and birth operate on many levels, the physical, mental and spiritual.

The 7 of pentacles is worth meditating on. The effort and the energy that goes into that which we have. How do we use it and how do we sustain future harvests?

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