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Humanitarian Moon

“Justice not charity, solidarity not pity, opportunity not handouts.”

Samantha Nutt

As I write this we are just moving into the Full Moon that will be in Aquarius, this is mirrored by Sun in Leo…wow!

This is all the more interesting as we consider some of the world events that have been going on in recent months. Many of us have been feeling that there is an undercurrent of threat, illusion and betrayal amongst world leaders. This in turn has filtered down into the dynamics which are operative on an everyday level. This moon is calling us to return to authenticity, integrity, honesty and love.

The Sun in Leo shows leadership, intellect and strength.

Now is the time for us all to rise and shine and to vanquish all that is not healthy, wholesome and subversive to our needs.

The Moon in Aquarius is asking us to find new ways of thinking and being.

The planet for Aquarius is Uranus which is the Fool. Ponder on our Fool. Is this about a leap of faith? Bringing a sense of adventure into your life? Flowing with the energies of infinite possibilities, taking a chance on new ideas, seeking out a new way to love?

All of these points are very much about the Aquarian moon. Also, we are reminded that we are to work on our own welfare and to bring our humanitarian needs into balance. Having said that it’s not all about you, but about the world as a whole.

The dictionary describes humanitarian as “a person who seeks to promote human welfare”.

This is not akin to helping old ladies across the street or shopping for a sick neighbour. These acts of kindness should be an everyday requisite of life.

What we are referring to here, bearing in in mind the sun/moon combination, is that we become leaders in our own life and we show through example. We pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and we walk our talk!

You want a better life for one and all?...then live it.

What this may mean for many of us is to possibly embrace a period of transition. To look ahead to personal transformation. This needs to be planned for and as Gandhi said “we are to be the change in the world we want to see.’’ I think we are all familiar with that quote, yet even knowing this does not guarantee an overnight acceptance that things have to change.

So we create a path, the path of transformation.

The Death archetype emerges and by addressing all that is inadequate in life we create the dynamic for re-birth and with that comes new beginnings, eventually.

Our first step has to be one of optimism, that this moving from one state of being into another will bring vast improvements. The next step could be acceptance of that all which no longer serves us must go. The third step is to allow a time of grief as we mourn the loss of our former self or lifestyle or thought patterns.

The path of Transformation is not easy, strength and courage and joy is required and yet, isn’t that just what we need to see more of in the world?

The questions you could ask yourself might be:

  • What needs to go?

  • What has already gone?

  • What releases it?

  • What is dormant and has to see the light?

  • What will be re-birthed?

Now we can think of the World card, which reminds us that we are all interconnected, we are all part of the World soul.

Everything we do affects each other…let that power be love.

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