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Chiron and the Rebirth of the Soul

I love synchronicity, random coincidences and those moments of serendipity that are at once both pleasant and mind blowing as we observe the signposts of life that encourage us to keep going as we might just be on the right path.

It was such a moment that I discovered Chiron.

His energy had been emerging in my life in numerous ways. The name Chiron had been appearing in magazine articles, conversations, recommended book titles. It also appeared in my astrology chart that showed his true nature as he hovered through my houses at a time of a diagnosis for breast cancer. All of these signposts happened within space of a few weeks.

Intrigued, I began to ponder as to the relevance of such an astrological and mythical character, the inspiration I received procured a profound light bulb moment.

I am not an astrologer, so when I was informed that Chiron and Neptune are in Pisces until 2018, I have to take the word of the authors of the ephemeris at face value.

However, I understood that what was happening to me and the relevance of the presence of Chiron in my chart could also be happening on a global level.

Chiron is called the wounded healer as he was injured by an arrow that carried poison, Hydra's blood.

Chiron, being an immortal, couldn't die so he roamed eternity looking for relief. (He eventually did a deal with Prometheus which ended the cycle of torment). Because of this search, Chiron learnt a lot about the healing arts and he became healer and teacher to Achilles, Jason, Asclepius and Peleus.

The presence of Chiron suggests that we are also searching for relief from our persistent wounds.

Much has been said about the evolution of consciousness. It begs the question: what does that mean and how is it happening? I think that the influence of Chiron at this present time suggests that it is both a zeitgeist and an inevitability that we are exploring all that is not well with us and the planet. The crises that we find ourselves in personally and globally are possible vehicles for transformation.

By being alive now, we have signed up to experience this shift at this most auspicious time in history. Auspicious because we are clearing up history. We are opting to face the challenges of this time as we are capable of seeing the imbalances that have been created.

Never before in history has everyone, no matter their walk in life, had so much access to spiritual information and also the encouragement to act upon that information.

We are learning that everything is truly energy.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the dysfunctional and dystopic. In a sense this has to happen. That gaping wound in the psyche is yearning to be healed. All that drives us into our own disfunction, all that we harbour in the unconscious that is painful and sad will float to the surface. Our every action and reaction will be to serve this wound until we equip ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically, so that we can seal this wound once and for all. By so doing we have taken a giant step on an evolutionary path that will promote wisdom through experience.

Understanding the nature of our wounding is paramount to our healing process.

We can trace our dis-ease back, even to our ancestry, be it personal or cultural. The cycles, decisions and actions that lay buried in the layers of experience whose voices implore us on a daily basis to bring salve to the soul by recognising the hurts within.

By understanding we can forgive, by forgiveness we can let go, by letting go, we move on.

Corporeal intelligence will play a part in our growth. We live in societies that encourage self loathing and angst makes us to want. The body's wisdom is dismissed as we were and are conditioned to perceive nature as outside of our self.

Dis-ease is on the increase. Evolution gone awry. We subliminally punish the body for imprisoning the spirit. We see the place of matter, we can even relate it to ourselves but it's relativity to spirit. Spirit is something ethnic, something that does not belong to us.

Our personal drive, the desire to function effectively becomes distorted, we cannot be on the path towards the Great Spirit as our tortured mind and bodies get in the way. Consequently we believe that any kind of recognition of the divine within is for the wholesome, healthy and undisturbed, all of these factors do not really exist. The truth is that we are all disturbed, in some form or another.

Psychic instincts create psychic events; the unfolding of our internal landscape to become that which shapes the exoteric.

Separation is the deepest of wounds. I think all of us on some level experience this separation, especially from the divine, psychologically and spiritually. By repairing this rift we become closer to source and the true journey of transformation begins. The end result being our splintered self re-unites with our divine self in a very real and tangible sense.

Chiron tells us that to cure the body (ours and the earth's) we need to heal the soul.

We are all karmically linked together and also karmically linked to the planet. Whatever we do to ourselves we do to the great mother and visa versa.

I believe that our journey here is one of the transpersonal, we are moving towards the higher self, cleaving a path from the lower ego, the nafs amara to the realms of quds or spirit.

We are here to heal.

Chiron on one level shows us our ability to gather pain, enhancing every scar, but also illuminates the conditions in which we can heal and be healed.

One could say that journeying with Chiron is part of the individuation process. At the same time we become aware of what is good for us and we take personal responsibility for it. Our vulnerabilities and frailties become our guides bearing witness to our rebirth.

Part of that journey is the sojourn from head to heart, the challenge being that we can recognise pain without becoming its victim.

Chiron until 2018? We either meet true healers or we become true healers.

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