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​Mercury Retrograde Tune-Up

The only thing that ultimately matters is this: Can I sense my essential Beingness, the I AM, in the background of my life at all times?

Eckhart Tolle

From the 30th of August until September 22nd Mercury will be in retrograde.

It is only in recent times that Mercury in retrograde appears to be so important. Throughout all the years as a facilitator for spiritual studies I never heard of this Mercury aspect until social media, in particular, made it common knowledge that for 6 weeks, 3 times a year, a threat of chaos and general dysfunction that seemingly springs its misrule upon our unsuspecting heads. Out of the blue it comes raining down upon us, a bit like the sword of Damocles but with a tilt!

Well Mercury, we have got news for you…we’ve got it down!

When the planet goes backwards then Facebook jumps into action and a whole plethora of insights, guidance, opinions and tale-telling emerges as if on a loop. So, rather than be left out, here is my two pennies' worth on the subject. I learn more and more as I go on; a teacher teaches what they most need to know themselves.

Mercury in retrograde breeds confusion. Mercury rules the lower mind and is connected to how we receive and express information from our environment.

This retrograde dynamic that Mercury swings us into aligns with areas such as:

  • Communication

  • buying and selling

  • listening

  • formal contracts

  • documents

  • travel

  • mail and freighting

  • IT and computers

The state of retrograde is not about going backwards or trying to change what has already come to pass but it is a time for reorganizing your stuff.

It is a time for reflecting on life events, seeing things through different filters which provide inner revelations. Perhaps it is time to finish off that course you didn’t complete, refreshing your knowledge, taking what you have learnt whatever the shape or form and working with it as a resource.

Resourcefulness is vital with Mercury in retrograde as when it all goes a bit weird then at least we have strengths to rely on.

This time Mercury in retrograde is in Virgo. An earth sign, the sign of the perfectionist, the self-critic and the lover of beauty. In Tarot, Virgo is connected to the Hermit. Mercury is aspected to the Magician. In many respects the attributes of this combination could bring blessings out of the expected glitches and hitches.

So, what does this mean and how we can work with this time in a positive and beneficial way?

We can see this as an opportunity for self-reflection and heightened self-awareness, this encourages deeper self-exploration which brings clarity of thinking towards purpose and motives and desires.

Make time to disengage from the burdens of life stuff and enjoy personal space and privacy to recharge and release.

Maybe it is time for a rest, letting in the inspiration and to feel reconnected to inner wisdom. Old motives and goals could be re-evaluated, looking at how relationships and events have shaped us.

Introspection creates the right condition for acknowledging change and blocks which have encouraged denial and self-doubt.

There could be a desire for solitude and tranquillity. Pay attention to the need to self-heal. Growth and greater insights are coming this can lead to breaking free from confining and limiting life style.

This is not a time to hold on but one of circumspection and letting go...are you ready?

Meditation is the key to tranquillity

Here are some tips for getting in the zone:

  • Our busy lives are not always conducive to finding the time to meditate, but at least once a week can be do-able!

  • Choose a day and a time when you are less likely to be super busy or distracted.

  • Find your spot. Somewhere comfortable to sit without strain, avoid lying down positions as these can make you go to sleep.

  • Do you prefer to keep your eyes open? If so, then burning a candle and concentrating on it can be helpful and the flame serves a reminder of the everlasting spirit.

  • Music sets a pleasant ambience and can help create the right conditions for travelling into the inner landscape.

  • Make a meditation space. Somewhere that you know will be your spot. Be creative or as minimal as you want. Somewhere light and airy, put your favourite aromas into the space to help create a deep link.

  • Practice deep breathing. Many of us don’t actually breathe properly. Bring your breath within and feel the luxury of expanding the chest and heart centre with life force.

  • Hand over to spirit all that is troubling you, trust you will be assisted in dealing with it.

  • Acknowledge pictures, feelings and thoughts that you receive; all of these are opportunities to channel information from the guides and inspirers.

  • Don’t block your thoughts, let them travel freely like birds flying from a tree.

  • What is your intention?

The most important thing is to TRUST that all will be well and your petition for guidance and insight will be heard and understood.
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