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Be Your Own Guru

‘Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion and also creativity, insight and focussed attention.’

Deepak Chopra

Be your own guru and other small matters.

As I write this all the planets are aligned and direct, they will remain so until February. Now as you know I am not an astrologer but even I get the importance of this great happening in the ephemeris. A wonderful time to put plans into action, tighten up the details and push the projects. Bam! Success will surely follow.

Let’s hurry…

Let’s get the Pritt Stick glue out and some pics from a glossy magazine and make that vision board. Let’s adorn our altars with symbols and votives and let’s petition the Saints and graces for our deliverance into our very own brave new world that eschews victoriously in our favour! And why not?

Whilst this planetary line up challenges our view on personal free will, it would appear appropriate to be prudent and converge your intentions with that of the Universe. Co-create a new paradigm whereby we come out on top…non–negotiable! It is a thought dear to me that the Universe conspires with whatever is in our heart and together we make it manifest. There is no good energy or bad energy...just energy, so why not turn it to our advantage and cleave a way forward that sustains the spirit, feeds the soul and keeps the mind and body together.

Master of our own destiny.

I come from a generation, a class and a county that by its very nature doffed its cap to anyone who had an “ology”. Now, we don’t require an “ology” or anything else to be a master of our own destiny. We can put on one side the tardy adages of fatalism. ‘If it’s meant to happen it will’ or ‘maybe it is meant to be’ or even, ‘it is written’. Whilst these aphorisms offer a salve in those moments when it all goes wrong, they can offer insight into the glory of a seized opportunity, a golden reflection of personal abundance and positive karma. Positive being the operative word.

We are all Magicians and we create our own fortune and well-being.

Effective leadership on a daily basis to get the most out of our opportunities and trends lies in not over accumulating; this could be ideas, people or possessions. Too many projects can prove to be limiting and instead of being the key to fulfilment can be, instead, a prison of dreams. Prioritise and work with the immediate; what is the fruitful course of action?

Look at your view of leadership.

Just because you are at home with a family or if you are not particularly ambitious, this does not mean that you are a not a leader. Self-leadership is grasping the potency of life, inspiring others and being your passion. Kitchen Sink Spirituality is key; your expression of life is a force within itself.


  • How do you perceive yourself as a leader; are you a traditional type or more maverick?

  • Do you see kindness as a strength or a weakness?

  • Independence. Do you see yourself as one of the crowd or are you a lone player?

  • Do you have a goal for the future?

  • Are you prepared to put your ideas into plans and plans into action?

  • Are you methodical or chaotic; do either work for you?

  • Can you plan your steps forward or do you rush along and hope for the best?

  • Are you passionate about your ideas; do you inspire others with them?

  • Can you communicate your passion and ideas to others?

  • Does your life speak your truth?

We are all unique, there are no wrong ways or right ways only what is workable and fulfilling. Think big; playing small doesn’t serve anything.
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