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The 'One Second' Life

‘’Time has been transformed and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.’’

Khalil Gibran.

This week has been the worst of times and the best of times.

The globe has been such a busy place and meanwhile I took to my bed with the virus from hell, and resisted, without too much force any contact with the outside world. When I eventually emerged from my plague pit of demons and mustered the strength to peek above the parapet to view the lie of the land, my head span with the amount of public opinion levelled at the women’s march, Trump’s inauguration and stray Trident missiles. All this in one week...and that was just for starters!

I did not like what I saw or read as I scrolled my way through the various social media platforms hoping for insight and enlightenment! Needless to say I was very happy to crawl back into bed and switch the light off.

This is not a polemical piece nor am I shouting for any particular party.

I am quite sure we are all grown up enough to make up our own mind about who we want to invest time and energy into, after all, from a psycho-spiritual perspective we are all here at this moment in time because somewhere, somehow it contains our purpose. I do, however, want to explore the ongoing futility of pouring energy into the lacklustre of berating social and political situations that certainly for the moment have to run their course. My first reaction was to chuck some love at it all but that is too passive. But surely we cannot let the events of this past week be a distraction from returning from the state of lack and want that seems to be an apparent legacy from whosoever is in power or any culture of populism and to emerge into a place of self-credibility and personal responsibility.

I have found that Tarot advises us, often in great detail, about the danger of futility.

That moment where we misappropriate our will power and trickle our energy down the drain. My mum used to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions...how right she was. Everything we do is an act of mindfulness. It is time for us now to have a much more positive mental approach to self and to rise above the intimidating society that overwhelms and corrupts.

Love is born from chaos and anarchy starts within.

Our ability to communicate our truth and to accept the inevitable flaws, to disengage from poverty consciousness and to be of service to our communities, to learn from the past and create ever abundant utopias, are they not the mainstay of our very existence?

I am reminded of a conversation with a friend who is interested in Quantum theories.

He said that if we measured our lifespan in terms of light years then it would work out that our life had the length of just one second. I will give you another second to wrap your thoughts around that one. Mind blowing isn’t it? Literally our life is here and gone in the blink of an eye.

Now we can begin to see why Tarot is so instructive about not wasting our precious energy. Equally, there are many cards that encourage us to work with what we have and to build and create.

The suit Pentacles.

I have found the suit of Pentacles to be so helpful for me in understanding the ways of life here on the Earth plane. This physical world provides us with all the instruction we need to grow on our journey through eternity. The most spiritual thing we can do is simply to be alive.

Maybe you want to have a wander through your Tarot cards and see which suit you find to be most useful and insightful?

So, back to the ‘one second’ life.

Our lives are so short, it makes sense to fill that life with positivity and joy, hope and optimism, love and understanding, challenges and achievements. When I see someone in their twilight years I want them to have had a good ‘one second’. As we move forward let’s clear the way for every person to have that birthright, a fulfilled ‘one second’.

Let’s not waste a single drop.
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