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Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.
Victor Hugo
Many have commented on the interesting times we are living in.

Everywhere we are seeing a shake-up of what has been tried and tested. It appears that there is a breakdown in the order of things and a new normal is introduced to a populace that is fully anticipating change. Whether one agrees with the changes or indeed if they can even be called new is a debate in itself.

However, a resurrection of a brave new world is on the cards and we are caught in its thrust, so what does that mean to us as individuals? I see that what is happening in the wider picture is being brought about in the microcosm and we are all under the spell.

The Judgement card has been putting in a regular appearance so let’s unpack it and see why this might be.

This whole world is about self...with Judgement we see self in relationship to the whole. It alludes to our collective destiny. Not necessarily a movement in humanity but more a connection to a soul group, kindred spirits, shared communities, our chosen family - the tribe.

When the trumpet sounds we are called to groups of people who are working towards a common aim, we find our personal destiny linked to that of others.

The World card shows us that we are interdependent on each other as we are the world soul, individual spirits who create a whole. Judgement is the formation of that whole, the weft and weave of our soul essence.

What I find remarkable about the current importance of this card is that it reflects perfectly the general mood of the collective operating in the world.

As our leaders create divisive lines and public opinion differs so greatly, we find that amongst it all, little pockets of people power. There is a gravitational pull towards those that confer a sense of identity and destiny. Birds of a feather flock together.

Judgement reveals our old pain from which new life is formed.

It is through the communities that growth and transition takes place. Our needs become apparent and we can realise these needs and address them through the banding together of like-minded souls. In other words what we are seeing is a time of social hiatus which will inevitably result in the reaching of a new paradigm, what that looks like will be as a result of the process of transformation. Not unlike the Death card, we are reminded that vast improvements will emerge after a period of being in the wilderness. We truly can make the world a better place.

On a more personal level, Judgement can indicate a moment of clarity amidst a time of challenge or adversity.

It heralds the beginning of the end, a kind of initiatory period where we have been tested by our very being and our spirit now lies dormant and quiet.

We have lost touch with our passion, our calling seems silent and our libido draws us towards the void. Then a miracle occurs, we see a glimmer of light in our heart and it’s as if we are brought back to life and we experience a resurrection. Where once we have lain, dismembered and fractured, we then arrive on a cloud of fire, ready to embrace the new chapter that beckons us ever on towards an epiphany of our own existence.
Our purpose can then be revealed...if we are listening.

In the meantime, we can slough off the baggage of previous experience, taking nothing with us that is not relevant. A life review is required, but we must move amongst the thorny brambles of our past with gentle steps, relinquishing all that is no longer necessary for our growth and advancement. The question we should ask is what have I learned? How will it serve me and where will it take me?

A vision of the future is vital. What do we see ourselves doing? What does it look and feel like?

Life owes us nothing, yet we owe life everything. It is in Judgement that life asks us, what do you really want? We are being offered an opportunity to create our aesthetic vision from which the waters of life will flow. From all that we have been and done, our future is formed.

The Judgement card has become a personal favourite. When I see this lovely essence in a spread I immediately think of ascension, moving beyond the entrapment of the mundane.
A renewed vigour and sense of purpose but most importantly of all, for me, is that spiritual calling, the blast of the trumpet that brings me to who I am and what I am here to do.
I walk out of the wild wood and into the clearing, the fresh light brings clarity to my spirit and I pick up my bag and go.
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