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The Modern Mystic in the Messy Life and how to Survive It.

The world is perfect. It's a mess.

It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it.

Our job is to straighten out our own lives.

Joseph Campbell

Hands up who is a morning person that can get out of bed and throw themselves into the day to deal with the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life?

I am not really that great at waking up to a new shiny world each day but I do like the morning time. It is when I am at my creative best so to maximise this I have to be aware of what the rest of the day may hold. I have had to learn to switch off to the demands of family life and postpone all phone calls until later in the day. Even my dogs have had to accept that there is nothing happening until they hear the bing bong of the computer closing down.

It has taken me an age to get to the point where I feel truly comfortable expressing my spiritual truth and shining my light without making excuses for this other person who would loiter in the shadows.

The shadows are a place where this other person can happily co-exist in an alternative existence. I found that being a fully affiliated member of the ‘new age’ world meant that I led a double life.

On the one hand I was facilitating active and thriving development groups. (Only the other day it dawned on me that over the years I have taught hundreds of people, as a result, I have probably initiated all of those people onto a path but have not been conscious that I have done so). Yet on the other hand I was living a life that was full of challenges; I had issues around alcohol, family dysfunction and personal relationships but the biggest issue was myself. Now it is different. I am conscious of all that I do. I love my spiritual community, I thrive on facilitating groups, writing has become so satisfying and I have conquered the loiterer in the shadows.

This idea of leading a double life created the illusion that I was somehow separated from my path and purpose.

What I had to become conscious of was that it is all one. As I reflect on my life I can now honestly say thank you for all those experiences. They shaped me but not only that, I learned so much, especially that no experience is ever wasted. Nothing is insurmountable, the mountain can be climbed, the river can be crossed, and the dark night of the soul can be transformed into the daylight. These seemingly adverse life conditions are all part of you and can serve you well. They encourage mercy and compassion, they grow empathy and one becomes strong, resilient and resourceful.

When we first step out on the spiritual path we are often daunted by our apparent lack of virtue.

We see our lives as flawed. When we look to others who seem way ahead on their path, we think that they don’t make mistakes; they don’t marry the wrong person or give birth to difficult children, they don’t lose their job or their money, they do everything right and that is why they are who they are and where they are. The truth is that this whole concept of the flawless life is a total fallacy.

Any Psychic, Tarot reader, Medium, Counsellor et al worth their salt has come from a difficult background.

It is grist for the mill for the developing mystic. One has these painful life experiences to find the beauty in all things. This beauty is revelation, this beauty can be terrible, this beauty can be very powerful but it is from this beauty that we no longer talk of the divine but we experience the divine. We are the divine.

Look at the aesthetic vision you have of yourself and that you have of others, how honest is that vision?

As someone who has been my own worst critic I can guarantee that much of that vision is a reflection of what you would like to see in yourself but is deliberately unattainable at the time, thus creating perfect conditions for self-sabotage. The loiterer in the shadows doesn’t want you to have any power or to be authentic as this means her demise. The transformation of the loiterer is a significant milestone; the shadow is but light waiting to be illuminated.

However, just because we have found our spiritual path it does not mean that we no longer have to be parents or that we shouldn’t enjoy fun with friends, and our conversations don’t have to be about lofty concepts. It’s ok to do the minutiae, in fact it’s vital. Life events to the mystic is fodder for the soul.

So, how does the mystic survive the messy life? Here are some points to think about...

Start a diary of your development, choosing a Tarot card for each entry, work with the points as an outline or write down a difficult time you survived and how it helped you to grow, draw three cards to mirror back to you the growth process.

  • What are your talents and skills? Are you being honest about what you can achieve?

  • How do you communicate who you are? Do you speak your truth, insights and ideas?

  • Are you the victim archetype? Do you hang on to the past?

  • What is relevant for you now? What is the vision of your future?

  • What do opportunities and growth feel like? Are you ready to build on what you have already got?

I have found that Tarot readers are special.

They are on the front line of life itself; they bear witness to everyone’s participation in the dance. Life can be brutal and physical and unforgiving. But by holding the energy for the seeker, the Tarot reader becomes a spiritual companion and a healing can begin.

Tarot readers are the tellers of everyone’s story and wrapped up in that story is their own.

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