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“She is so bright and glorious that you cannot look at her face or her garments for the splendour with which she shines. For she is terrible with the terror of the avenging lightning, and gentle with the goodness of the bright sun; and both her terror and her gentleness are incomprehensible to humans...But she is with everyone and in everyone, and so beautiful is her secret that no person can know the sweetness with which she sustains people, and spares them in inscrutable mercy.” ― Hildegard of Bingen
As you know I am in Crete this week facilitating a workshop on the Labyrinth!

We have glorious sunshine and I am on a beautiful terrace with other like-minded souls wandering through our cards and preparing for a journey to the centre of universe. It sounds brilliant and I am sure it will be that and much more.

For those that can’t join us I thought I would share a spread with you which we will be doing on our Terrace!

I chose a Divine feminine spread as it reflects the part that Ariadne played in the drama with the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, not to mention the Minotaur’s mother, poor old Pasiphae, who was dressed as a cow and then coupled with a Bull and produced a half man, half beast. If ever there was a story about rising above the carnal instinct then this is it and the feminine plays a part in this.

Give the spread a try.

Don’t forget to jot down your findings and maybe we can chat about it when our paths cross...

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