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Tarot and Intention

‘’When you know your intention, you are in a position to choose the consequences that you will create for yourself. When you choose an intention that creates consequences for which you are willing to be responsible, that is a responsible choice’’.

Gary Zukav.

What is intention?

This week I thought we would look at intention…what is intention? The dictionary describes it as: aim, ambition, design, end goal, objective, plan, purpose, target.

Actually I think “target” is the key word here. An intention is more than an idea; it is a desire to make something happen, to manifest something.

Willpower is required here.

Willpower needs a target. I see willpower as arrows from a bow but the arrows have to have a target in order to fulfil their purpose otherwise they are just blowing about in the ether, directionless and lost.

We are all magicians, but in order to truly manifest that which we desire we have to create a vision.

In my role as a consultant I find that so many people are in a place of lack due to the fact that they can’t see themselves at any point in the future. There is a distinct possibility that we are encouraged to think like that by the powers that be, so to be a magician and manifest positive life stuff is the creative revolution!

When was the last time you asked yourself, ‘what do I really want to do?’ or ‘what do I want to change in my life?’

Intention is the agent of change. However, everything must be kept real and workable; fantasy must be avoided at all costs along with a realisation that not all roads lead to anywhere. Often we can end up in a blind alley. To ensure the intention has a safe passage towards manifestation keep it simple, dream and know that as your manifestation develops other paths will open up that will bring opportunity and abundance. Focus is a helpful tool and when you have set your intention in motion.

Don’t attach any ideas to the final outcome; let it be.
  • Write down what your intention is. Be clear what it is you want to achieve.

  • Create a vision board for your intention. Pinterest is also a useful place to post up your intention images.

  • Work towards the highest good. Know that you are a co-creator with the universe.

  • Value your intention. Poverty consciousness will not assist in success!

  • Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it…you are more powerful than you can imagine.

Here is a Tarot spread which will offer insights into how you can plan and manifest your intention. Good luck!


1 Root of your intention.
2 Past factors influencing intention.
3 Present influences.
4 What will hinder intention.
5 What will help intention.
6 Best foot forward, good advice. 7 Expected result if advice is followed.

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