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The Odyssey - A Journey to Self

"After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It's better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life".

Sophia Loren

I am now back at my desk pondering over the week we had in Matala, Crete.

A truly laid back, chilled place which was a bit like being in a bubble. While the rest of the world was doing its own thing, we got on with the business of discovering self, which happened to reinforce the idea that Tarot is a powerful navigator for transformation.

That is what happened to all of us…a transformation.

It’s a funny thing, I can have loads of wonderful ideas about what we are going to cover in our sessions, be it a retreat, a workshop or a class but spirit can have other ideas. The energy of the group will align with our inspirers and you can end up in a completely different place than expected which is why I don’t place any attachment to the end result.

A momentary shared destiny occurs, we co-create with the universe, a path appears and we all set off down it together.

I do believe, and often say it, that there is an agreement between participants, including myself, that we have agreed, at sometime or someplace to take part in each others journey. This vibrationally correct accident riddled with synchronicities has become one of the surest realities that I know and as a result I have come to understand that a teacher teaches what they most need to know themselves.

We were a motley assortment of ladies sitting around a table on a tranquil terrace in the sun. Each of us was in a place where we needed to end a cycle.

Working with the essence of the Labyrinth brought us to see how magnificent our aura truly is, we even measured it before and after ‘walking’ the Labyrinth.

We began to see that we are so much more than this two dimensional sphere we are encouraged to inhabit. Throughout the days we began to reflect on our experiences in life and whilst we all agreed that no experience is ever wasted we also began to realise that we had subdued our light. The excitement began to bubble as we realised that we could switch it back on and by doing so everything would be illuminated in such a way that everything and anything would and could be possible.

One of the things we all had in common was this remarkable ability to put others first to the extent that we forgot our own needs. We had become fixers; this isn’t even healing, this is sticking a plaster on something in the hope that it will get better. It very often doesn’t. Instead one could face their own path and walk it.

No one can walk our path but ourselves.

When we ‘share’ the journey with another we are recognising that we are all spirit in a human form and we can cheer each other on through empathy and the mirror shows us that we are not alone but we are unique in the life that we shape for ourselves and not for another.

During the week we drew strength from the realm of spirit, we acknowledged the unseen forces in our lives and we accepted that all that happens we manifest ourselves.

We learned to tap into the higher self.

This brought a sense of personal satisfaction and success, almost like we were making friends with ourselves again. We began to mentally prepare for what may become from a change in perspective.

What was most evident was that we learned from the pitfalls, embraced our humanness and considered what it meant to be in service. The sad songs and the rainy days of the past created the joy of authenticity and feminine power that had become the possibilities of the future.

On the last day of the week the beach provided a perfect opportunity to sit and reflect on what had to come to pass and I drew the 4 of Wands…
A doorway to the mysteries!

By going within, a balance is struck and we can explore our creative expression (a recurring theme amongst us which begged to be unpacked). A marriage of principles that reflects personal abundance and resources.

A harvest time which encourages further personal development and an understanding of the feminine aspect on a deeper and aesthetic level, happily discarding the effects of the past in order a stronger union of self in the now.

To the women I sat around that table with in Matala, I salute you.

You were the best spiritual teachers I have ever had, your courage and fortitude is a power beyond measure. The real treasure lies within the heart.

As they say in Matala,’ Today is life, tomorrow never comes!’
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