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The Summer of Love and the Ace of Pentacles

“If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that--warm things, kind things, sweet things--help and comfort and laughter--and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all.”

― Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Today is one of those days.

The subject that I was going to write about just didn’t grab me enough to warrant hitting out on that keyboard. So, I changed the proverbial horses in midstream and pulled a card that somehow seemed to fit with whatever creative space I had found myself in amidst the flying mind junk of post weekend of the 3rd June apocalypse. Not that the apocalypse was due to kicking up my heels, letting down my hair and painting the town red…no….the apocalypse was a travesty, another cry from the apostate, the demented war cry of beleaguered patriots and zealots. In fact, they are denouncing their religious heritage by taking peace out of their philosophy and instead portraying God as a wrathful, vengeful figure whose sole purpose is to avenge the centuries of tyranny by the infidel.

London fell momentarily to its knees.

The unfolding images on the TV of a major incident still in its prime was surreal. Aghast that the targets were folks going about their Saturday night thing made it even more unreal. Nowhere does God say ‘thou shalt not have a social life’. Even good old Jesus changed vats of water into wine at a wedding! Sufi poets write reams about the relationship between Claret and the wisdom of the divine, so what is wrong with these guys?

Love, that is what the matter is or rather the lack of it.

I think we get a society we deserve. On every side there is hypocrisy, disrespect for its own kind and little value for life itself. We have to rise above this, we must surrender to the higher forces at work in our life and trust that society is about to change for the better. The predator must serve us well, new pathways must emerge, the fittest will survive and hopefully they will lend a hand to those that can only limp along. We can turn this whole thing right around. We can create the summer of love.

The card I drew is the Ace of Pentacles.

In the RWS deck the aces are presented by a hand, the hand of the Great Spirit. This hand is bringing something into the world - a gift. The gift from the ace of pentacles is our incarnation, our physical presence in the world, a reflection of the potential and the light that we brought here. Let us be reminded of this.

Our gift from the Great Spirit is the Garden of Eden.

We were born to experience bliss, to run free and explore the knowledge of life. Out of the chaos a garden is born.

The rose bower, resplendent with her red rose of desire and the white lily of purity hang above the sacred path that leads us into the garden and also out again on our journey to meet the higher self. Our truth.

There is something symbolic about passing under the arch, a rite of passage, a rebirth.

The garden is a place to reach for a higher understanding. Life on the physical plane is intensely spiritual, each incarnation here is unique and the most spiritual thing we can do is simply to be alive.

The angel associated with this card is Uriel, the fire of God. Holder of the golden horn of the last days. He drives away the darkness and encourages the great transformation. He guards the entrance to the garden of Eden. It is Uriel who led Abraham out of Ur, he sent the message to Noah and instructed Ezra on the deepest mysteries. On the day of Judgement Uriel will liberate the imprisoned and lead them to glory! A message of hope.

This Ace represents the transformational process of turning the material into the spiritual. Getting rid of the flotsam and jetsam of mediocrity and reaching for the flame of inspiration. In amongst all of this we sow the seeds of love.

Love by its very nature has to start with self.

As a concept this is largely misunderstood. The charitable prerogative of Christianity overlooked that rather important detail. We can’t love another until we love ourselves. Until we love life itself.

5 points to get you motivated for self-love.

  • Draw a daily card that represents you in the moment. What does it say about how you influence the day? (Not the other way around).

  • What have you received recently from others or a life situation that is meaningful?

  • Explore your potential and possibilities. List or mind map all the skills you possess that will assist growth and forward movement.

  • Don’t waste energy on worse case scenarios, they may not occur and futility will disconnect you from your plans.

  • Create time for engaging with your inner reality, contemplation and meditation. Pick your battles well, especially with yourself. Do you really need to be that angry with your spirit?

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