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The Magician, Genius or Luck?

"For me, there is very little difference between magic and art. To me, the ultimate act of magic is to create something from nothing: It's like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat." Alan Moore.
I hope you are enjoying the lovely summer time that we have at the moment.

Although the weather can be as unpredictable as usual I have been able to get into to my garden and savour the efforts of the spring. The results are fabulous and I am especially pleased as I do not possess green fingers so my thanks go to a very dear friend who has transformed my garden into a beautiful, healing sanctuary.

Looking after the garden and maintaining its beauty has been a therapy in itself and has given me confidence and a sense of peace, which was very much needed. My friend truly is a Magician, literally he created something out of nothing.

It gave me great pleasure, this weekend, to be able to host my monthly Kitchen Table Workshop in my garden under Leonora the tree with a warm sun energising our Tarot practice.

One of the things I love about group work is the opportunity for shared learning. If only I could bottle the wisdom that is expressed around that table. We were exploring the Magician!

I believe we are all Magicians and we are capable of great things.

We have the ability to manifest that which we want and that which we want to have happen on our world, but firstly we should make sure the inner condition is in alignment with that which we are trying to ‘become’ physical.

The inner reality is the key component to a physical manifestation. Our inner world is indeed the true reality and the external world is a ghost, an expression of what we have created within. However, manifestation begins with an intention.

Looking more closely at the Magician he signifies consciousness being embodied in physical form.

We are reminded that we bring all our gifts, skills and tools that are needed to get us through life according to our plan, personality and path. We have the ability to explore our infinite potential which can be used for ourselves and others. In that process of self-discovery we can realise that we are indeed brilliant; we carry the genius of the inventor, the artist, the professor, the philosopher, the Magician. We are encouraged by the Magician within to unfold our divine purpose, bringing that idea, that notion, into a physical context and living out the personification.

According to Oswald Wirth, the Magician is the Ego that is called to make our personality, for the individual has the mission to create himself. When we create ourselves we create the world.

In the RWS deck we see the symbol of infinity above his head, this is the cerebral world. We carry around our mental sky and in that we take the path of the Fool one step further. The Fool's mission, to push back the boundaries of the limitations of time and space as the infinity symbol is hel, within the narrow limits of what is accessible to us.

On the Magician’s table are the symbols of what is available to him, instruments that are not easily come by, we achieve accumulating these symbols or tools through the long and sometimes arduous journey of perpetual incarnation.

In Wirth’s book ‘Tarot of the Magicians’ he tells us “The Cup is ‘to know’, the Sword is ‘to dare’, the Wand is ‘to want’, the Pentacle is ‘to be silent’.

The victory over Earth awards us the pentacle, that is to say, the vital point of support for all action needed.

By confronting Air with audacity the knight of truth wins himself the sword, symbol of the word which puts to flight the phantoms of error.

To triumph over water is to conquer the Holy Grail, the cup out of which wisdom drinks.

Tested by fire, the initiated obtains the emblem of supreme command, the wand, the King’s sceptre for he reigns through his own will merged with the sovereign will.’’

To describe the Magician further, he uses his initiative and is a born leader. Intelligent, diplomatic and shrewd, he is self-possessed and free from prejudice.

The Magician is ruled by mercury, he is eloquent and articulate but can be an opportunist and sometimes display a lack of scruples. He is also aligned with Hermes the great teacher and the trickster!

So, Magician is an embodiment of consciousness, will and transformation. Creative, charming and wise, he reminds us that Magic is ever present in our lives we have but to let the scales fall from our eyes to see it.

And indeed we are the magic that turns the world.


Each of these questions is a focus for a daily meditation for seven days. By focussing on the question much could be revealed to you about your inner world and how to truly benefit from the life you are creating for yourself. Randomly draw a card for each meditation throughout the week, this card will open an extra dimension for your reflections on your meditation. Keep a note of your findings…

  • Are you aware of your skills and talents?

  • Do you use your abilities in everyday circumstances?

  • Are you a leader in your life?

  • Are you inspired or do you inspire others?

  • Do you work with the inner teacher?

  • Are you manifesting the life what you want ?

  • Are you satisfied with the life you are living?

  • If not, why not?

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