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Tarot and Intuition

"We shall probably get nearest to the truth if we think of the conscious and personal psyche as resting upon the broad basis of an inherited and universal psychic disposition which is as such unconscious, and that our personal psyche bears the same relation to the collective psyche as the individual to society."

Carl Jung.

We all have some innate psychic ability.

We all have some innate psychic ability but generally speaking, many people don’t get to use it. I think that this is a shame as I have found that the individual who develops their psychic faculty also progresses through personal development, those five steps we take psychically we take another five on a personal level. The reason for this could be that as we explore the inner terrain of the psyche not only are we able to plug into our intuition but we grow through conversing with and understanding the nature of our own spirit.

So, what is this intuition or psychic ability?

It is the skill of gaining access to information, energy in the cosmic consciousness and then utilising it in a beneficial and relevant way.

We could say perhaps, that everything is a symbol or symbolically linked. Words and numbers are symbols, shapes and forms are symbols, the planets are symbols. It could be argued that our understanding of physical life is measured through our interaction with symbols.

There are some people who have the knack of being able to sit with someone and receive impressions through symbols then they string them all together to tell the story…we could say that this person is psychic.

There is a debate about whether a Tarot reader has to be psychic in order to read the cards.

I don’t think that is necessarily the case. One can read the image or the energy of the card without any interaction with the psychic faculty. However, I feel that this approach is a bit two dimensional especially as the cards lend themselves so beautifully to going deeper into the psyche of the individual or situation.

The cards can act as triggers that open us up to our natural source of wisdom.

We all have a Gnosis, we know without knowing, irrespective of our creed or culture or level of consciousness, we all have ‘something’ we can tap into.

Very often people will dismiss their ability as a charade, an overture from the imagination. We equate the imagination with the illusory, the mind that plays tricks. Whilst it is good to be down to earth in our approach to working with the psyche it is also allowing a well-developed imagination to do its job. The imagination is the playground of the divine, the bridge between the conscious and unconscious, the seen and unseen.

I think our psychic training begins in childhood.

I have asked students over the years about whether they lived as solitary kids or whether they had many playmates. The interesting thing is that those who showed a clear penchant for psychic work did indeed have a more isolated childhood. This meant that the child had to play with their imagination thereby flexing their psychic muscle which in turn sharpened the perception of the world he or she inhabited.

To develop psychically we have to give ourselves permission to dream, fantasise and play before allowing the rational mind to do the everyday job of sorting, assessing and compartmentalising information.

Tarot is a fabulous educational catalyst.

I have learned much because of my involvement with the cards; all kinds of stuff, from history to philosophy to psychology and sociology, to art and literature. Most of all it taught me the art of divination. I believe that as readers it is in our best interest to understand the symbolism in the cards but also how to work with them to unpack the energy of the card in a very whole way.

Tarot as a psychic trigger has the propensity to unlock the secrets from the depths.

We can reach for that inner and ancient wisdom and apply it to the unfolding story in a spread of cards. It is important to trust what rises to the surface and to believe in your connection to that wisdom. Our relationship to the spirit realms is also a factor but for now it is best that we simply understand that the intuition is a function that enables us to think from a multilateral perspective.

It is our personal revolution that encourages us to take back our authenticity and to voice and express who we are and where we are in an ever changing world.



  • It is safe for me to develop my intuition.

  • My intuitive awareness grows in strength and sensitivity.

  • I trust the power of my imagination.

  • I am a creative, imaginative and intuitive person.

As an exercise, find a place where you will not be disturbed and is quiet and calm. Get yourself comfortable. Maybe have some gentle music in the background and be surrounded by your favourite aroma. Close your eyes. Put yourself on one side, don’t attach to any particular thought, just let them go by like clouds in the sky.

Ask for the image of a Tarot card. Accept what comes to your mind’s eye. This is your card for the present moment. Step back as if the card was a painting, notice the details and colours and expressions. Then step into the picture. What does it feel like? What does it make you think? Do any recognisable emotions come up, if so why?

Create a dialogue with the card, don’t intervene with the dialogue even if you feel it’s a bit nuts, just keep going, allow the narrative to become. Consider the relevance of the card and why you should etherically receive it. Come back into the world. Jot down your findings. Reflect on the relevance of the card to current activity or feelings or issues and people. What is your story today? How does it deepen your awareness of what is going on around you?

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