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Our Friend The Moon

“Toad talked big about all he was going to do in the days to come, while stars grew fuller and larger all around them, and a yellow moon, appearing suddenly and silently from nowhere in particular, came to keep them company and listen to their talk.”

Kenneth Grahame

As I write this I feel myself gearing up for the full moon on October 5th.

I don’t know about you but I see and feel the influence of the impending event as it draws closer. My full moon ‘symptoms’ might be water retention and mood swings which border between melancholy creativity to reflective thoughts to the jubilant extolling of life’s virtues. I also feel a heightened sensitivity which is most helpful when it comes to work. Yes, the moon can be a catalyst for mania and it is little wonder that the word lunatic comes from luna another word for moon.

As I have been out and about recently I have noticed that the river is very swollen, the tide is riding high and I remain in constant awe of nature and how like clockwork the world goes through its cycles and how interconnected everything is. Yes, there is a full moon on the way and we are all under her spell.

This particular moon will be the Hunter’s moon or Blood moon.

It is the first full moon after the harvest. It is so called because this moon hangs bright in the sky providing a light for the hunter as he searches for prey. It is time to fill the larder for the coming winter. A good hunter ensures that nothing of an animal is ever wasted from the fat to the pelt; the cold dark months of winter are bearable when there are warm clothes and plenty of provisions. Even in this age of air conditioning and central heating we still need to be prepared for the winter time. Over the years I have been a frequent visitor to Finland and Lapland and I have seen several moons hang low over the lake in those cold months. The light from the moon has been especially welcome as it brings illumination along with the snow. I love how the houses are festooned with lanterns of all shapes and sizes. Light is a precious gift in a place where it is dark by 2pm. Further north, reindeer pelts are commonplace as they are used for seating, blankets, shoes, tunics and baby warmers. The Lappish Poro (deer) is much revered as he can literally be a life saver for the human...even now.

The Moon in the Tarot deck is as enigmatic as the one in the sky.

It has so many different perspectives and I like to meditate with the Moon card as she takes me into my deepest inner sanctum where I am connected to my true reality. I am then able to get a glimpse of the world that I will manifest in the ordinary world. I think that is a miracle in itself, to be able to take the extraordinary and make it an everyday experience.

The moon is one of humanity’s oldest symbols. It represents the archetypal feminine, the cosmic mother. In readings this card often connects to the client’s mother and will unearth needful information about their relationship and how it pans out as a dynamic. It can also show a need for healing or reconnection.

The Moon is the world of dreams.

We are asked to take note of our astral journeys and visions; the unconscious speaks through dreamscape. What are we being shown about ourselves? The imaginal realm bridges the different aspects of self, the conscious everyday self with the deeper and mysterious self. That hidden self is the catalyst to all that we know, the gnosis in life itself, through the light of the Moon archetype we are on the threshold of the mysteries of the soul.

The Moon card asks us to be true to ourselves.

Dormant talents lie within and the time has come to let them percolate to the surface. Remember the Magician’s table with his tools laid bare? Use your skills and talents to create your world accordingly.

Another element of this powerful card could be one of illusion. In the half light we don’t see too clearly so we must be on our guard against deception. Perhaps there is someone who is leading us down the garden path. It is usually a timely warning that all is not all that it seems.

The Moon also speaks of depression and melancholy.

In a reading it can point out that a client has supported someone with mental health issues and is working the process out in their own lives. The melancholy can be a catalyst for creativity either lyrically or musically and sometimes this confirmation can be so useful for someone as it provides inner space for creative exploration.

Yet another angle can be about mediumship and psychic phenomena. When this card turns up it is a possibility that your attention is being drawn to mediumistic and psychic qualities indicating that this is a skill to be utilised. We also learn that the spirit lies within those hidden depths and demands release.

The imagery on the Moon card…

The Crustacean serves as a reminder that we are carnal and primordial. We clambered out of the swamp to begin a journey into consciousness. This is an evolutionary process that continues. We are driven by unseen forces and our instincts connect us to our basest self, harnessing these inherent forces can be positive and productive as we make decisions about circumstances that influence our life.

The Wolf and the Dog, the wild self sits with the tamed self. The towers in the background tell us that the material world is an initiatory space that brings the human body to action and the inspiration to bring the will comes through the mind. Yet the Crustacean, the Wolf and the Dog all desire contact with the Moon and to conspire with her in a union. However, this already exists, they are not as cut off as imagined, each affects the other.

Conception, motherhood, creating new life even metaphorically speaking fall under the power of the Moon. So, the Moon speaks of the personal mystery of being. All the aspects of intuition and her infinite potential as force of formation is her greatest gesture.

Some keywords might be:

Intuition. Night. Conception and motherhood. Dreams. Maternal love. Melancholia. Cosmic Mother. Receptivity. Deep subconscious. Illusion. Femininity. Poetry and music. Mystery. Cycles.



  1. What is the message from deep within?

  2. What will it show me?

  3. How shall I use with the information?

  4. What will it illuminate for me?

  5. What is the bigger picture?

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