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“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”H.Keller

I have been enjoying my consultations of late.
I am always intrigued when themes and topics come in little flurries. It is as if the universe is persistent in getting a message across. Something we have to take on board as part of the now, an inner dynamic that needs to be explored. By so doing not only are we working with the reflection of the collective consciousness but we are addressing an issue or overview that spells out the next steps to be taken for us as individuals.
What are you hoping to manifest?
So, this past couple of weeks have all been about the eternal question, ‘what is it that you want from life, what is your view or goal of where you want to be?’ In other words what are you hoping to manifest? Actually this is nothing new...the majority of clients who seek change have very little insight as to what they are going to do about embracing change and where to fix their focus. I suppose that is where we come in as Tarot practitioners. We can offer a golden opportunity to ‘see’ the influences and trends that are operating in the client’s life and they can then hone in on their master plan for a life well lived!
I maintain that there is no such thing as a bad card.
The cards are all powerful and I don’t read reversed as I think that all appropriate issues including the negative and positive perspectives will percolate to the surface as a matter of course. Naturally, my aim is to be as uplifting and as relevant as possible, but is the need to be cheerful and overtly optimistic always beneficial? Sometimes it simply can’t be done to offer the sugar-coated version; sometimes we have to engage with the trite observation of the downward spiral and accept it. Therein lies the rub...very often the lesson of the moment is all about acceptance and acknowledgement. Grasping these two stalwart pillars of human endeavour is not always that easy. Everything is a path and acceptance is absolutely one of them. Acceptance brings peace, a salve to the soul and calm to the spirit in turmoil. We just need to let go.
There are many cards that appear to be obviously uplifting and buoyant.
We fervently flick through the cards searching for that glimmer of hope that at once reassures and soothes. We want to see ourselves as flawless and somehow chosen for a road less challenging but that doesn’t mean that we will gain any insight into our unique purpose and awesome journey. Yes, dealing with struggle can be awesome and as we have ended up in a first world society that encourages self-loathing and lack of personal vision, we can expect challenges. Your contribution to the revolution is indeed very, very awesome!
We all love the Star card.
A soon as it falls upon the table it is met with a sigh and a smile. We immediately snuggle up to its sweetness, we hook into its pleasantness and we imagine our spirit transported to the place of no ills. After the epic collapse of the Tower which brings a deepened sense of self we emerge into the Star and recognise that we are interconnected and related to all life. This is not the usual nihilistic experience of gazing at the ephemeris and feeling small, tiny but present. This is about the totality of the universe, a view from our oasis in space which brings us a sense of life force and unified purpose. We can suddenly observe the true nature of opposing and often warlike forces at work in our lives and by ripping down the walls of constraint, we can push back the limitations of time and space through the realms of the Mundus Imaginalis. We then come face to face with our dreams and visions.
“To die, to sleep - To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub, For in this sleep of death what dreams may come...” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
The Star speaks of hope and optimism, protection for the soul, elevation from the detritus of painful self-discovery.
In its place next to the Tower we can see the Star as the harbinger of rebuilding. From new materials a stairway to heaven is built and that will possibly save us from further change and chaos. Or if we sit the Star next to the Empress we can see her as the crone, wise, experienced and discerning.
The mystical Star encourages us to pursue our dream of life.
The Star encourages us to pursue the spiritual contract that we brought with us and to recognise our cosmic potential. However, the purpose of such is to make conscious the impressions and profound images of visionary insights. The Star draws our attention to our psychic awareness, which lies dormant and unfolded in many, but will now widen the field of perception.
Yet, the Star can be the Dark Star.
It tells us about the glamour of the esoterics; the base need to control and manipulate through psychic skills. It speaks of arrogance and egotism, a self-satisfaction that disrupts and fragments making healthy relationships impossible. Our way of seeing can become distorted and we can suppress any intuitive ability and this becomes a tool for sabotage thus delaying healing processes and a connection to a higher consciousness.
We have seen the shadow in the Star.
Tyrants and despots, some of whom have tried to harness the esoterics, the natural psychic within, for manipulative means. Disturbingly delving into the subterranean abyss of destruction, the personal demon becomes the avatar and seeks out anti-life force activity which is geared towards draining the very goodness out of all that which appears to be sacred and wholesome.
The Dark Star projects onto the carnal self and then seeks out dominion in all that is as repressed as itself.
It is vital that we listen to our inner voice, that we harken to our intuitive abilities and allow the imagination to play its part in building our dreams for the future. Fear of our inner reality and our psychic connection to it will ultimately bring us to a point of stasis and as a result we cannot walk the higher path or truly understand the entities that guide us and light our way.
That fear closes the door to the light and we remain in darkness.
The imagination has its place and it is a powerful ally in shaping and constructing our self-manifested world. But there is a danger of the imagination running away with itself and creating a world of fantasy, illusion and alienation which ultimately arrests any personal development or positive integration with other people. The Dark side of the Star can be a stark reminder that it is we who are responsible for how we respond and react to the experience of living. Our dreams can change the world, they can become a reality, what you manifest is nurtured through intuition, trust and faith. This is not blind impulse but skilful mastery requiring circumspection, meditation and willpower.
Live the dream, the dream is life.
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