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Live Your Best Year Yet

"So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about."

Marilyn Monroe
We are very rapidly moving towards the New Year.

The festivities will continue as we make our resolutions and sup a glass to Auld Lang Syne. We have all been feeling the ebb and flow of life in recent times and these days certainly take some navigating. But with optimism, hope, a well-defined goal and a deck of Tarot cards then the World is ours. We can take a look and see what the influences are for this coming number 11 year of Justice / Strength / High Priestess.

Maybe you are in the mood for buying a new deck of Tarot cards.

Tarot will certainly offer you the insights required that will help you squeeze the best out of the fading year and embrace the one that is to come.

I wanted to give a deck review but I must confess it has been a while since I hunted for a new deck in earnest so I will tell you about my last acquisitions.

SPIRAL TAROT by Kay Steventon.

This is a glossy deck and nice to handle. The card stock is quite strong and the cards are not overly big which makes it easier for smaller fingers to handle. These cards are not really a collector's piece as they like to work and can reflect influences and trends in a general overview as well as answer specific questions in a more definite spread.

I do like a card that looks like a painting and these are no exception. There is a childlike quality to some of the art work and in some images there is a sophistication yet both aspects truly conveys the meaning of the card in a fresh and bright manner. Kay Steventon has taken leave of the more traditional cards using symbolism that is clear and concise but in other images there is a more traditional look. The Major Arcana have a Sefiroth and its place on the Tree of Life including the Hebrew letter so this deck appeals to those who enjoy Kabbalah and would be a good deck to work with if you are learning Kabbalah.

There is poignancy to some of the images in particular the Three of Swords not because of its connotation but the image looks like a Parisian wet night and is in the style of the masters of that place.

In contrast the High Priestess has a pagan feel to her and some of the symbolism alludes to sorcery and secrecy, we could describe this deck as one of contrasts. Be prepared to go on a magical mystery tour when you wander through your spread! The Spiral Deck by Kay Steventon

SPELLCASTERS TAROT by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy.

I like this deck. The handbook is worth buying it for in the first place, well written with lots of tips and insights as well as good all round meanings in the text.

The card stock is a bit flimsy and is rough on the back but very glossy on the front. The cards are borderless so you are drawn immediately into the image.

As one might imagine from the title of the deck there is a powerful pagan theme running through the imagery. However the pictures are quite eclectic and show a diverse range of characters in a place of natural beauty. They have a lustre and a brightness which make them a pleasure to use. I find them very good for the card of the day, journaling or even working with in intention exercises. Some of the imagery even sheds a new light on old themes.

This deck may not appeal to everyone but it is still worth having in your collection. Spellcasters Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

Here is a spread for you to try out on your new deck. Live your best year yet!

1. What is happening now, the current state of affairs?

2. How did I come to be in this situation?

3. Will I find a solution to difficulties and worries?

4. What does the solution look like?

5. What should I now let go of?

6. Is there something to do instead?

7. Outcome.

Letting go and moving on.

Before we can move into a greater sense of wellbeing on all levels we have to understand how we came to be in certain situations or moments and then we can make the plans to move on. Letting go is never easy but once we do we can find our true place in the world.

Have a fabulous festive season. Much love and many blessings.
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