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The Warrior and the Wound

"The warrior of light pays close attention to a text that the soul of the world transmitted to Chico Xavier: ‘When you have managed to overcome grave problems in a relationship, don’t spend time remembering the difficult times, concentrate on the joy of having passed yet another of life’s tests. When you emerge from a long period of medical treatment, do not brood on the suffering you endured, think instead of God’s blessing that allowed you to be cured.’
Carry in your memory, for the rest of your life, the good things that come out of these difficulties. They will serve as a proof of your abilities and will give you confidence when you are faced by other obstacles."

Paolo Coelho.

I have said a million times before what a privilege it is to do this job.

I have met a lot of people and whilst my work is not everybody’s cup of tea, I would like to think that some good has been done somewhere along the line. Not that I approach my work with a missionary’s zeal nor do I think that good or bad are necessary or fundamental to our outcome, it is a more a case of being whole. Yet how do we know what whole is and how do we know when we have got to that point?

The privilege comes from sitting with people and listening to their story.

Not only that but holding the space so that the person can process their own story and hopefully make some sense of it. The discovery of potential comes from beginning to understand the chaos we have been born into.

The key ingredients to the consultation cake are wealth, health and love.

Without exception EVERYONE is interested in one or all of these ingredients to lesser or greater degrees. So, having realised once and for all that we are definitely human we can get on with the business of being one! One of the questions frequently asked in a reading especially in the area of personal relationships would be; ‘Is this person my soulmate?’ This is a huge question and I have to begin by saying that soulmates come in various guises and for various reasons and they don’t always bring the pink and fluffy with them. Without a doubt love is central to their appearance in our lives and we can certainly learn a lot about the power of love from these special ones.

What happens when that special person turns out NOT to be a soulmate but a woundmate?

An interesting fact I have observed is that people who engage with the wound in another person are warriors. Brave, fastidious and tenacious, yet somehow they have been duped by the wound as the point of glory and salvation.

There is a sweet quote by Rumi, ‘The wound is the crack where the light comes in.’

I think there is a lot of truth in this. The wound has the power to illuminate the emotional abyss we can find ourselves in. The wound can be a catalyst towards happiness but only through self-discovery. The wound is not a place of bliss but a point of relativity.

Humans are good at patterns and cycles.

Our relationships bear witness to those cycles. The wounded child becomes the wounded adult; the primal scream from separation yells itself from deep within its watery chasm. It is the wound we seek in each other and by so doing we create an attachment, a bond. This is not love. We throw ourselves into the epicentre of that pain because we have found complicity, someone or something we can relate to from our path of struggle. This is all very well but we must at all times be prepared to transcend and understand that no experience is ever wasted. Be that warrior who takes arms against the dying of the light.

It is vital that we challenge and confront, intellectually and spiritually, existing beliefs.

Is it destiny that brings a soulmate or is it a perpetuation of our personal trauma that brings the woundmate? Our emotional perspective is not spiritual; a more refined view of the higher realms will bring the spiritual bounty. We should not be afraid to go deep within ourselves and explore those aspects of self that remain undeveloped. The journey to maturity and wisdom transforms that which needs to spring full force into the now. The shadow is strangely attractive, dallying with the dark side can trick us into thinking that we are connected to a potential.

We are not who others think we are.

We have the capacity to reinvent ourselves and redefine our representation in the world, this should be fun, the wound can hold you back from this. When we are gripped by tremendous forces we can become passive witnesses. To love ourselves is to seek out guidance, inspiration and healing. When we find the wound in ourselves we begin to close the wound; when we see it another we heal it in them. It is beyond empathy or relativity, it is love.



This spread highlights the possible wound or issue, suggests a solution and describes the life and karmic lessons to be learned.

  1. Spiritual aspect of the problem.

  2. Emotional aspect of the problem.

  3. Intellectual aspect of the problem.

  4. Physical aspect of the problem.

  5. Spiritual aspect of the solution.

  6. Emotional aspect of the solution.

  7. Intellectual aspect of the solution.

  8. Physical aspect of the solution.

  9. Life lesson to be learned.

  10. Karmic lesson to be learned.

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