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The Sacred Art of Tarot and Mediumship

"We shall probably get nearest to the truth if we think of the conscious and personal psyche as resting upon the broad basis of an inherited and universal psychic disposition which is as such unconscious, and that our personal psyche bears the same relation to the collective psyche as the individual to society".

Carl Jung.

I have been journeying with Tarot for a very long time, 35 years in fact.

The minute the cards came into my hands I felt that we would be joined at the hip and that we would be worthy companions. It has been a bit like a marriage of sorts; we have built a relationship between us that is and has been remarkable both from an esoteric point of view and a personal one. Happily we are not divorcing but instead we grow and learn. We become wiser and our shared insights create a life that is worth living. From the first day I just knew that this was a significant connection to something that would turn out to be a personal sacred tool of some magnitude. I am so very privileged to be able to share the fruits of that meeting and the subsequent journey with so many.

As a child I was interested in the inner workings of the human psyche.

I could read the spirit of another from an early age and I knew I was different. I would like to think that my training began then and over the years I have grown into it. My attention was always grabbed by the super nature of the world and I understood that we were so much more than a two dimensional being in a difficult world. Even as a kid I was on the lookout for the meaning of love and it was the spirit world that added depth and texture to my search.

My journey has included working as a psychic medium.

I still fuse with the same guide that I discovered many moons ago and I have great affection for the road I have travelled with John; it has been challenging but so very rewarding. I have been of service in the Spiritualist churches as a platform medium and for a long time it was a way of life; as my family were tucking into a Sunday roast I would be off to some place or another often at the behest of Spirit intervention. I don’t do so many church meetings anymore but I am so glad of the opportunity that I had. I have also been lucky enough to teach mediumship and psychic development here in the UK and also abroad...what a ride! I have learned so much about the nature of Spirit and myself. Expressing the dynamics of mediumship in other languages, albeit translated, has been a phenomenal experience.

These days I combine Mediumship and Tarot together.

Tarot is an embodiment of Spirit and understanding and using the symbols in the cards actually gives Spirit a voice, we are speaking the language of light.

It is always interesting when a communicator comes through in a reading; it doesn’t always happen so when it does it is extremely important. Invariably the communication is appropriate to whatever is going on at the moment and sage advice is usually offered that allows a shift in perception of whatever the situation may be. Clever stuff!

So, you want to do this too?! Here are some tips…

It is vital that you get yourself out of the way before a communication. We operate within the dense vibration of the earth plane so it is essential to raise our awareness. If you are busy thinking about whether you are good or not, or what is for dinner or how the weather is that day, then you will not be working in the right atmosphere, you will be coming from self–ego. A communication is not about you, you are the conduit.

  • Before a reading take some time out to relax and let your thoughts flow. Try not to fix on any of your thoughts. Visualise a Tarot card let the card hold the meditation space for you as you connect to Spirit.

  • Set your intention. What are you hoping to achieve? Don’t be afraid to state the obvious! If you want to connect with your guide then say so! Include the intention of desiring messages and evidence for your sitter.

  • Allow any images to bubble up, imagine that you are viewing a work of art, what do the various components of that work of art mean, these make up your message or evidence.

  • Trust and believe that Spirit are working alongside your natural wisdom. We can’t intuit what we don’t know!

  • Select a card that you want to act as a key to that wisdom. Choose whatever is resonant for you, this is not a random choice but carefully chosen. Charge the card with the task of a key by formulating the instruction in your head and heart and send it into the card. Put the card back in the deck when your meditation is over.

  • Take your deck and split into three piles, majors, courts and minors, shuffle each pile. Draw a court card, this represents the communicator, how does the card describe their personality? Take a major and minor card, what does this say in terms of a message and evidence.

  • Place extra cards on each to receive more information; this should be relevant and beneficial.

  • Close down after a session by thanking spirit and come into the everyday world. Now is the time to think about work, home and all the stuff that makes up a daily life!

Enjoy your time with Spirit; you are not bonkers but hugely creative and sensitive!
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