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Chiron and the Wound. Woundology

“In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.”

― Brennan Manning, Abba's Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging

I love enigmas and there is nothing more enigmatic than Chiron.

What a story this guy has to tell! In astrology Chiron is a comet who is symbolised by the ‘wounded healer.’ The comet represents our deepest wound and the journey to wholeness. We can see from whichever house our Chiron resides in as to the approach to one’s personal wound, but since April 2017 Chiron moved into Aries and will remain there until April 2027.

On a grand scale this infers that we must face issues around self-loathing, deep inadequacy, separation and abandonment. It is for us to observe our anger; we have to ask if it is righteous and deserved. We are to embrace confidence and the prospect of being in service for a bigger goal. From this we can see a spiritual path is being defined and it is up to us to walk it. My sense is that everything we are experiencing as a society and globally at the moment is presenting itself for the great work; the healing must be done. It will be our legacy for the future and a gesture of goodwill towards an archetype that as a teacher and healer couldn’t heal himself. If you want to check the sign and degrees in your own natal chart click here for the link to Astrotheme and enter your data into the boxes provided.


Chiron was born of Kronus (Saturn) and Philyra, a nymph. Lusty old Kronus took Phylira against her will and when she saw her offspring was a centaur she abandoned him. Kronus didn’t want to know either and young Chiron was left alone and unloved. Apollo, God of poetry and music and the intellect, took him in and looked after him. Chiron lived in Thessaly and unlike other centaurs who were aggressive and bold, Chiron was known for his wisdom and gentility.

Over time, Chiron became renowned for being an astrologer, prophet and healer and taught many influential people including Jason, Herakles, Asklepios, the healer and Achilles.

The legend.

The story goes that Chiron sacrificed himself to save Prometheus who had done the silly thing of stealing the fire from the Gods. Chiron thought Prometheus needed a break from being tied to a slab and having his liver pecked out by the birds and took his place for 9 days! Zeus took pity on Chiron, freed him and lifted him to the stars where he dwells to this day!

As an archetype Chiron represents important lessons such as issues around our daily life and how we survive alongside profound spiritual realities. Chiron tasks us to create a link between the earth and the realm of spirit.

I drew a card to represent Chiron as part of this blog.

I received the Hermit. How apt. The Hermit carries their own light. This is the light of hope, determination and fulfilment. It carries the illumination towards a true path and personal awakening.

We are being warned against becoming overly critical, of stepping so deeply inwards that we become a Hermit amongst the hurly burly of everyday life, detached from it all we spiral into chaotic self-reflection. Our passion must remain within the wide vistas of creativity, we can heartily take up the role of wise counsellor. As a healer the Hermit brings calm and stillness that sheds its light where it is most needed.

Deeper self-examination can be truly beneficial. It brings a clarity of mind and a greater sense of purpose. From understanding our self we can understand the motives of others.

Tranquility is the way forward.

Our purpose is to be at peace. One could say that all our calamities are designed to make us aware of the alternatives. Chaos becomes order, misery becomes joy, despondency turns into hope. From the painful lessons of the wound we become renewed and our goals become positive beacons that lure us into their captivating light. Wisdom and synthesis bring the peace that passeth all understanding.

A transformation occurs but instead of it just occurring we are at the helm of a boat that takes us away from our turmoil and our suffering.


A little light on the wound.

1. Where did my wound come from?

2. How have I carried it?

3. What lesson does the wound have for me?

4. How do I turn it into a blessing?

5. Outcome.

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