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‘’It is an objective life because life in my world is regulated by people who dwell on that particular plane of expression. As you advance beyond that, you leave it behind. As the Spirit qualifies itself, by growth, progress and evolution, so it naturally passes to the next stage of Spirit life. It is very objective in its own field of expression.’’


The magic that is Tarot never ceases to amaze me.

After all the years of performing countless consultations I am still regularly left with a feeling of awe and wonder at how precise and empowering Tarot can be. Tarot as a system of messages in symbolic form, truthful and meaningful in its delivery, attempts to show us how we can have the best life. It also shows us how we can make that come about from working with our unique skill set and top talents alongside our situations and issues; nothing is ever wasted.

I think it can be either bravery or foolishness that initially drives us towards deciding to have a reading.

Let’s face it, readings when done well are really addictive. Very often that source of addiction is the moment encapsulated which is all about the self, that time of sheer self-indulgence. Isn’t that what most of us seek in the hurly burly of everyday living just to have that window of opportunity whereby one can discuss oneself? The foolishness would be the cosmetic consultation as it is more than likely that the client will walk away from this a bit bruised from not being told what they want to hear. This is a big no-no in my book as it does not do the terrible beauty that is truth and justice.

It takes a certain amount of bravery to enquire of the Tarot cards.

Whether it is an overview or insights into a particular area of interest, it takes courage to see the wider picture that is often offered by the Tarot cards. This means we have to take responsibility for our own actions; the part we have played in what is transpiring in our life, past present and future. While we have to be careful about how to make predictions, at the same time it is worth bearing in mind that events have a continuum, that the present is held by both past and future influences and it is from this that our story is wrought.

Another remarkable thing about a consultation is that a querent will mirror the reader.

The magic of the universe sends along the matrix the very person who will vibrationally resonate together with the reader in a reflective but almost collaborative way. Sometimes this mirroring can be subtle and at other times it is wild and profound but either way querent and reader get healed. Nothing is ever random or accidental, it just is.

However, it doesn’t matter how brilliant the reader is, a consultation couldn’t happen without the presence of a querent. So what can you expect from a consultation?

Firstly, having a consultation is an opportunity to have your story read back to you. Tarot has the very useful knack of picking up the thread of the story just at the right place so whatever you receive in the consultation is entirely appropriate for you in the moment.

A reading is not a passive experience.

Querents who fold their arms and zip their lips shut and expect the reader to tell them every aspect of their minutiae will probably not be disappointed. However they have wasted a whole lot of time that could have been spent on discussing with the wise ones about a positive and meaningful set of incidences. After all, a prime message from the Tarot is about not wasting time and energy. So it is much better to interact with your reader to get the full impact of the reading.

Spirit communication is a powerful element to a consultation.

I have to say that not all consultants can do this (this is not a criticism of those readers, merely an observation.) But when it occurs in a reading it is poignant and significant. If you ask for a communicator it is worth remembering that we don’t always get the communicator we want nor do we get the message we wish for. It is always about what is appropriate in the moment.

I have heard many times over the years that a Tarot reading is either a crutch or lower psychism or not really mediumship. Well I say fie to that! Critics have obviously not got any skills or are so inadequate that they must give an opinion about something they know so little about in order to protect their huge lack of insight. Spirit moves in mysterious ways.

Another thing…

Spirit have lost their emotional body so it is inconceivable that a communicator is going to be angry, sad or even happy come to that. Spirit is pure consciousness that in its sphere of understanding can connect through love and healing to bring what is relevant and beneficial.

It is a nice addition for a consultant to bring an aura reading, psychometry or an oracle card message into the consultation. These usually deepen the process and can bring fascinating and resonant information into the reading dynamic.

Your reader shouldn’t judge you.

Really a reading is from spirit to spirit. We are all the Fool and as such we are all spirit in search of an experience. Also I think it is unprofessional for a reader at the time of a reading to go deeply into his or her own stuff. Sometimes it can be helpful empathy but even empathy can be a distraction from what is going on and do little more than re-enforce a pain body. Occasionally a consultation doesn’t go to plan. The reader should know within a few minutes if the wires are crossed and the querent would be better off having their reading elsewhere. If this is the case the reader should give any monies back and be reassuring as they wave goodbye.

Finally, you can have too many readings.

Three to six months is an absolute minimum between sessions. If you keep turning up with the same question you may well find that you get muddled answers. The asking of the right question is paramount to a good and healthy consultation, after all it is your story that is being told.


  • The reading room should be comfortable and accommodating.

  • Your reader should be attentive and ready for you.

  • Decide whether you want an overview or want to ask a specific question.

  • The session is about you and you are being told your story

  • Think about the question beforehand but remember that what you receive in your consultation is meant for the moment.

  • Predictions are not set in stone, your reader should remind you of that.

  • Spirit communication is a pure form of interaction and it is best to accept your message as relevant to the moment.

  • Readings are not passive so do chat with your reader as you go along. This crystallises important information.

  • Your reader should not take up the whole session talking about themselves

  • Your reader should not make things up just to get along with you.

  • Your consultation is for you to see things from a deeper perspective so you can make positive life choices.

  • You must expect confidentiality.

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