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The Sacred Art of Channelling with Tarot

“Channelling is your higher self streaming through in a version your limited mind can accept. There is no such thing as a separate entity, only the perception of it. You are all of it!”

― Erin Fall Haskell

Many people speak about channelling. Some consider that it is the same as mediumship…well it is and it isn’t.

Mediumship is, ostensibly, the offering of proof of survival after death. Channelling by its very nature is similar in so far as we are accessing non local consciousness but we are not necessarily connecting to loved ones.

Channelling is about reaching far into the big mystery with your heart full of curiosity in order to retrieve the infinite wisdom of light, which incidentally, is born of the pitch black!

By expanding our awareness and raising it, we send our intention forth into the wild yonder. The wisdom that becomes available to us is renewed and refreshed and it longs to merge with the conscious mind.

Channelling the higher self is an intrigue.

The higher self remains in the spirit world as we take up our physical incarnation. It is our power point and we can plug into it. The higher self can be a valuable resource when we want to understand something on a more universal level and we are reminded of our personal wisdom gathered from many evolutions around the sun.

Our challenge is to be able to use this wisdom adequately in a world that denies our ability to be wise in the first place. Never before has there been such a need for humanity at large to express their deep knowing as wrapped up in all of that is compassion and understanding. These are the very tools of the heart, the substance that will liberate us from the chains that tie us to illusion.

One could say that it is entirely possible to channel the shadow.

I dare say that this would be correct but the topic may lead us down a different path as at this moment we are about the inspiration to love and to be loved as part of our path of purpose. The channelling of ascended masters is another favourite theme for many. My sense is that these are the same dynamics as the archetypes in the Tarot and indeed in spirit communication. This archetypal information will physically shape itself in your consciousness so that you will understand the energy and essence of these images; it is not uncommon for people to see each being very differently.

An active imagination is required for this work.

The imagination is the playground of God. The imagination allows us to participate in the event of connection to higher frequencies in the upper realms. In our playground we are able to form mental images and feelings in our solar plexus and heart. This participation is a metaphysical experience that is entirely experiential and has its roots in Gnosis.

The archetypal imagery provides the bridge between ourselves and the realm of light and inspiration. They are the keys to all that is and we can find them right there in our Tarot pack. Animism is not a dirty word! Animism brings things to life.

Channelling when we have a purpose, desire or intention will be heard and the way forward to manifestation of our fundamental happiness is then mirrored back to us.

Firstly we have to create a solid foundation for us to begin our work. Trust and belief play a huge part in this. Meditation or going into zone is immensely useful.

Create a space that reflects you back to you! Put a picture of yourself or an imagined idea of what your higher self might appear as. Flowers, candles and crystals make for lovely zone decorations. Make the atmosphere gentle and let your zone hold the space for you while you imagine laying down the foundations for your ascent, knowing that your guides and inspirers have your back at all times. They love to connect with you and are always interested in your ideas of the universe you inhabit. (3 of Pentacles)

Now you have your foundation in place we can begin to build the energy that will resonate with the higher self. Focus is essential here. What are you trying to achieve? What will you do with the information? Let your thoughts come and go but at the same time keep your focus, a little discipline won’t go amiss. Forget the phone, PC and TV, look within. (Emperor)

Connecting to the higher self and other sentient beings is a creative process.

A playful attitude will help and remember to be of fire. The desire to know and the desire to transform will encourage connection. (Queen of Wands)

Be grounded, be here, be now; woohoo never served anyone. When we connect to the higher self we are tapping into personal abundance and a as a result we can receive that which we have asked for or require on our journey. We can surrender and still be grounded. Surrender and vulnerability open us up to love. (King of Pentacles)

And that my friends is the whole point; it is to be in love.

The power that is love will send support, give strength, offer insights, liberate through forgiveness and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. What is there not to love about that!

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