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Woundology...Heal the Wound, What Wound?

‘’You can accept or reject the way you are treated by other people, but until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex, but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them.”

― Iyanla Vanzant,’’Yesterday, I Cried‘’

It has been a funny old time of late with regards to what is happening in the skies.

The recent full moon in Aries coupled with Venus, Mars and Uranus all doing their thing has possibly been one of the most momentous astrological synchronistic events with my stuff that I have witnessed in a long time. The main message has been about tidying up loose karmic ends, seeing old sores with a fresh perspective and it has prompted me to consider forgiveness, liberation and wholeness anew.

What is utterly remarkable about these heavenly hits is that despite the fact that the moment is like riding a bucking bronco and one holds on for dear life you kind of get the hang of it and end up realising that the universe really does love you and only ever wants your evolution.

The turbulence and the chaos is often of our design.

Yet whether these occurrences are pre-ordained or happenstance they provide the format for growth and development.

I have said to myself so many times that I would like a smooth flow from one state of being into another. But being the feisty Arian that I am it appears that a little bit of turmoil is good to get the ball rolling and when it rolls then it truly rolls!

Tarot is such a canny bunch of symbols.

The cards chuck our truth at us and smile wryly at our monkeying around with the pretty pictures. Whether we like it or not, in our physical essence we can only perceive our place in the world and ultimately the universe through corresponding adequately to symbols and meaningful happenings. Our limited self needs the tool box to unpack the world and to see our place on it. Blessed be the cards is what I say!

As a reader, the most frequently asked question is likely to be ‘is he/she my soulmate?’

Very often the 'is he/she my soulmate?' question would appear that it is not the case but rather that people are drawn together by recognising the wound in each other. It is the same wound, the same pain, the same suffering, the same abject misery of debilitating spiritual pain. This pain is the stairway to heaven, the wound is the crack where the light shines through and as such we should not be afraid of discussing painful issues as the Tarot can lead us to the source and the cycle of hurt.

The wound connection is not love, it is an attachment, a bond to something, someone, some place.

We have to understand the wound and from whence it came in order to deal with it. We need to close it and seal it so it will no longer wreak the havoc of the past and we can go about the business of changing our karma. Transformation can do that…Death can show us this in her symbolism, moving from one state of being to another gives the opportunity to change karma. But enough of this, back to the wound, what do we do with it?

In an esoteric sense we could assume that the wound is created by prima materia.

It is the beginning stage of transforming the physical into the spiritual. A glimmer of light has emerged within the soul, that the material is a resource to reach the spiritual, for many of us it can take a lifetime to learn this.

Our emotional life is so important to us humans on a spiritual and biological level. But our emotions are not necessarily what defines us. Our ability to be compassionate, to rise above the detritus of shadow experience, to alchemise the struggle into glory are much more definitive, the most spiritual thing we can do is simply to be alive.

When the wound presents itself it is asking for forgiveness.

We have to be aware that forgiveness can’t happen overnight. Forgiveness is a path and paths lead somewhere. Paths indicate a journey and the journey to forgiveness is one of liberation, self-development and a key to wisdom thrown in for good measure.

The healing can occur when you, as a reader, can locate the source of that wound.

Pain is like water and it is not always the thirsty that look for the water, but water seeks the thirsty. Pain is an inevitability of life but our heart is so much more than being able to relate to suffering, it is capable of transforming that into soaring heights of revelation and subsequent joy.

It is good to recognise the familiar in another but so many wounded use the wound as an anchor, a reason not to let go, 'just in case you thought of leaving darling I am going to rip open the wound again just to remind you why we got together in the first place.'

When we can take that festering sore and transform it into a peak moment, a transcendance, a resurrection and a renewal, then we can keep the heart open and turn the woundmate into a soulmate.


  • Retrodiction will guide you into the past and flag up any incidents from childhood onwards that set up the pattern of pain.

  • Listen to what your client is actually saying when they say someone ‘gets them’; what do they get?

  • The wound is not just about emotional stuff, it appears in a career and micro politics of the workplace.

  • Denial of the wound is a resistance to letting go; what is that has to be dumped?

  • Fear keeps the wound open; inspiration and empowerment dispel the desire for fear.

  • We can’t help people but we can love people; holding the space for someone as they wake up to their wound is perhaps the greatest act of compassion you could do.

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