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Full Moon Blessings

“Sometimes the sky looks so beautiful and at the same time earth also looks so beautiful and finally we look so beautiful as well! By just looking at the nature you become the nature itself! Look at the beautiful full moon, you become a beautiful full moon!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan
November 23rd 2018 sees the full moon in Gemini.

The full moon always brings a sense of something extraordinary and one doesn’t have to be a romantic to think this. I am aware of the subtle changes it brings to the home, environment and self perception. Many of you, I am sure, will be witness to your own moon dynamics. Perhaps your biological cycle runs according to the full moon or maybe you find that you are more assertive and stronger when the moon is full. Possibly, when at its zenith, you carry extra water. Whatever and however it shows up one can be assured that the power of the moon is not to be underestimated.

Gemini moon is pleasant and fun.

However she can be moody and irritable! You may find yourself constantly switching between the happy and joyous to the deep and maudling. The essence of this moon is duality and opposition. This shows a need for changes and spontaneity. It is vital to have stability and this lies in getting to the bottom of your feelings and to chat with others about them. You may take comfort in the fact that we are all not so different. During this moon it is paramount to keep a cool head and a warm heart. Harmony of thinking and feeling is the order of the day.

Whilst it is a drag to feel stressy and tense these are the stuff of breakthroughs which will help to create opportunities; the magician in us comes to the fore and creates the magic for possible change. This moon encourages celebration of achievement and completion. This is most definitely a time for finalising projects, gear up to sustain the final chapter of a cycle and to own your other half!

I have a feeling that this moon could be a bit of a roller coaster!

The moon with her uncontrolled passion, unpredictable emotions and a Dionysian tendency to trip the light fantastic for any healing effects that can be squeezed out of a glass of something nice! One may find themselves being led towards the desire for the ecstatic but it is important to prepare beforehand otherwise you could fall foul of repressed energy leaving feelings of guilt and exhaustion in its wake.

The Lovers represents Gemini and I put this card next to The Moon.

The Lovers is the anima and the animus; the yin and the yang. These are creative forces which are at work within ourselves. The Moon asks us to be true and to uncover and explore latent talents within. This could enhance and enrich the life we lead. Perhaps those maudling feelings and sense of dread were your creative impulses, sad songs and rainy days, so maybe it is time to write or paint or muse or just generally dance your way through the day. The Moon inspires us to grace life with our own light. The towers of Hermes in the Moon card indicate the boundaryless terrain and the Gemini influences bring ideas that are expansive. Now is the time to articulate, to be eloquent and to think of the big wide yonder. Conception, fertility and also all that is mystic is notable under a Gemini full moon.

Be the visionary, the psychic, the healer and look beyond the half light to see a deeper energy at work which draws us into union and illumination.

Full Moon is a good time for turning some cards…

  1. What am I leaving behind?

  2. What am I creating?

  3. What is it that I can’t see clearly?

  4. Will my ideas serve me?

  5. What should I be aware of that works against me?

  6. What is working for me?

  7. Outcome.

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