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The Power of Gratitude

“Some people grumble that Roses have thorns, I am grateful that thorns have Roses.”

Alphonse Karr.

Big subject, gratitude. It looms up loud and clear at this time of year and quite rightly too.

But what does gratitude mean? The first word that comes to mind is thankful. We move blithely through life and life, as it does, just kind of happens. We get so caught up in the day to day that we don’t compliment the abundant nature of life itself and all that is given or revealed, this would be especially true here in the city.

Gratitude can mean new beginnings.

I suppose that when we decide to count our blessings we initiate a new start, a change of perception. We no longer trudge under the burden of resentment or shallow mindedness but that change in perception has afforded us the gift of a whole new paradigm of being.

I went through a phase of dark thoughts; it was a knee jerk reaction to some events in my life which needed processing and I was not happy about it, I was so sad and deflated, something had to give. It occurred to me that I should look for the gift in the experience and I began to write a gratitude journal. As a result of this I started to feel better and I realised that the more we are thankful for, the more we receive. It certainly became easier to create the right opportunities…now there's a thing. It’s all very well understanding that we create our own magic, our own luck, our own opportunity but it has to be in alignment with our current reality, what may seemingly be something falling into our lap out of the blue is in actual fact an aspect of an evolving situation.

I see that most major shifts in life are not immediate acts of whatever it is but actual pathways which take months or years to develop and it is a truism that life is a work in progress. One can’t expect to swallow the bitter pill and begin to be thankful but rather flow into a state of grace through agreement and surrender.

I have pulled a selection of Tarot cards, within these cards is a message about gratitude.

drew these cards randomly and they are as they appear. Tarot is so very versatile and they give wonderful advice; how not to waste time, how to drop the baggage, what should be a focus and so on. They even tell us how, why and what to be grateful for.

If there was a companion for the soul then it is the wisdom apparent in the Tarot.


Here we see us standing on the tower before it tumbles. The world lies before us. There is so much abundance waiting for us but it will depend on our attitude. Pessimism will only attract unwanted negativity to all that we do, instead reach out for the joy and the magic, be optimistic, be joyful, you will receive the world. We are being told to be a bit vulnerable, a bit naive, look for the ideal, let it shape your vision and be thankful for the magic which will enhance all that you do.


Leave the past behind and drive your wheels towards victory! It maybe that you are being pulled by a trotting donkey and a galloping horse and that old Chariot is veering about all over the place. Furthermore you don’t have reins to steer but you do have willpower; open your heart to your vision, create the plan in your mind and be thankful for your temerity and the forces that be that will get everything on track.


O, the glory of independence! This wonderful card is asking you to be happy with what you have which is plenty. Be prudent with your things, make things last, be thankful for the cycles that bring good fortune, be grateful for enough! You will always be in a position to receive. Be glad you have the wherewithal to create a good life.


We have the right to be exactly as we are and who we are. Focus on your path ahead and be glad you don’t have the troubles of the world on your shoulders. Take the higher ground and be glad to leave what does not serve you behind!


The wheel spins in our favour, be thankful that better times are ahead. We have survived and live to tell the tale, our destiny awaits, rejoice!


We are being given a second chance, seize it with two hands, be grateful for the universe hearing our prayers! We might not get another chance like it again, just do it and be thankful for what you have and what you will receive.

The above are but a few examples of how the cards can express the message of gratitude.

It might be a useful exercise to draw a card every evening, place it by your bed and reflect on what there is to be grateful for in the day you have just had. Enjoy!!

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