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Be a Brilliant Reader!

“Brilliance some are born with it, but others create it over time. It lightens the foulest of hearts and pierces the darkest of nights to lead us on the right path of our future destinies.”

― Imania Margria

I picked the Magician card today.

It was so synchronistic that I should draw this card as this blog is about being brilliant in our readings. The Magician is the manifestor, he reminds us that we bring our gifts and talents into this world for us to cleave out a path that is in complete alignment with all our aspects and elements. We can make things happen, no matter what walk of life we happen to be in. He encourages us to be eloquent and articulate in what we do. He is is connected to the spiritual and he is also connected to the logic and this makes for a funny kind of science which is sometimes all of our very own design, but y’know if it ain't broke don’t fix it!

The holistic field.

This would be particularly true in the holistic field. By the very nature of the work we are operating within the multi-dimensional field, held in the hand of spirit, fluid like mercury we slide under the door of conformity to bring a sense of clarity and awareness to the proverbial trees in the wood. We see beyond the ordinary to solve a problem. If you have got what it takes then do it! Our work as readers is important and advantageous to the world we live in.

I then drew the Ace of Swords to accompany the Magician.

This card speaks of ideas, inspiration, the telling of truths, communication and the formulation of ideas. One could say that a consultation is a constellation of ideas. Ideas are the product of an inspirational essence that is in flow when we are working. The images and pictures we receive are the dreamscape language of the unconscious, through these ideas, through the dreamscape we are giving a voice to spirit.

Musician Nick Cave lost his son, Arthur, in the most awful circumstances, yet the open letter from Nick regarding the presence of his son following the terrible accident is both illuminating and grounded in a sense of reality. Here is a segment of that letter:

"He added that he felt the presence of Arthur all the time. "I hear him talk to me, parent me, guide me, though he may not be there. "Dread grief trails bright phantoms in its wake. These spirits are ideas, essentially. They are our stunned imaginations reawakening after the calamity. "Like ideas, these spirits speak of possibility. Follow your ideas, because on the other side of the idea is change and growth and redemption. Create your spirits. Call to them. Will them alive. Speak to them. "It is their impossible and ghostly hands that draw us back to the world from which we were jettisoned; better now and unimaginably changed."

A reading is a very special event.

It is an opportunity for someone to make sense of the chaos they were born into, a window in which to explore the trail of circumstances that have led them to the very moment they sit at your table, a story waiting to be told. The word psyche comes from the Greek and means soul. So in effect as psychics we are reading the soul. We have one thing in common with the person sitting opposite us, we are spirits in human form on a journey. Tarot as a series of archetypal images suggest the experiences of that human journey. When we read Tarot we are the bridge between experience and ideas. The imagination is the playground of the divine. The imagination is the beginning of what will become and already is.

Be a brilliant reader, and why not?!
Spend a little time preparing yourself for the reading, get yourself out of the way, this is not the time to think about your pals or your other work or dinner that evening, go into the calm and the still. Clean your zone with sage stick or small bell. Connect to the inner world, ask your co-walkers in spirit to join you.
  • Refresh your reading zone with a nice smell from a spray, oils or incense. Invite the wisdom of light into the zone. This need only be a short prayer or petition, you don’t have to spend hours on this!!

  • Give your cards a good shuffle before your client arrives.

  • Be comfortable in your space, personally I don’t have crystals, candles or a whole bunch of accoutrements. You can have so much on your table that it is impossible to sling the cards! I prefer sweet and simple and let spirit do the rest!

  • Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. What you see is not always what you get, try not to judge.

  • You are the mountain. You are the one holding space. You are doing this because you can. We can’t help people but we can love them. Compassion is the key.

  • You deserve your client. You are a vibrational pair. There is a mirror between you and they are likely to be the greatest teacher you will ever have. So don’t try to be something you are not. Just be yourself and let it flow.

  • Once the reading is finished let it go. Don’t hang on to it, by doing so you are perpetuating their energy in your own life, you don’t want uninvited guests to watch the soaps with you do you?!!

  • Anger, sadness, frustration, jealousy, doubt, all these are emotions that are a reaction to life’s events. Your function is to respond, you then set a precedent for continued response and not reaction. Also, not everyone comes for a reading when they are broken!!

  • There is a beginning and a middle and an end to a reading. Sum up salient points of the consultation. The aim is that your client be empowered and can make quality life choices. Try not to evaluate the session afterwards, it is as it is. A little doubt is ok, it makes room for humility but remember you had the information for your client for a reason...theirs!

Happy readings!

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