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“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”
― Albert Einstein
I started out to write a sensationalist blog about the College of Psychic Studies.

God knows there is plenty of material for this. Even from my own experiences I could tell you stories that would captivate the most hardened sceptic and cynic and who like Marley’s ghost drags a ball and chain of disbelief and the need for death defying logic in all things especially in spiritual matters.

This apparent Aristotelian approach to the unseen is almost laughable especially if we consider that we live in very interesting times whereby the desire shown by many to return to the ever welcoming summerlands of our imagination surpasses the grass roots of definable law and gravity.

I could speak about the necessity to understand the multi-realmed existence that we occupy, how we can be all things at once. I could offer a narrative about the interaction of Angelic forces of light. Or possibly even mention the Spirit world and the ever abiding love that is shown to us as we march chaotically through our four score years and ten (if you are lucky you might even get a few bonus years!!!)

As I sat down to write, I realised that in my eagerness to express the remarkable and the wonderful thing that the College is, I ran the danger of serious reductionism. In the hope of discussing the fabulous mediums and the work that has been done in that grand and now iconic building over the years, I would risk not making a valid point at all and only add to the vain glamour of the esoterics.

I say that we live in interesting times.

All times are mostly interesting but this time around I have a sense that we are reaching a point of primivitisation. The left hemisphere of the cerebrum is vaporising into the conceptual potential of the right brain. The left and the logical is very handy in ensuring our survival but the right is now beginning to take centre stage and instead of the battle cry of left’s I AM, we return to the right’s rebel yell of WE ARE. The pleasant arcadia of belief in Spirit and the unseen hand at work in our lives is making a re-emergence and it is taking the form of healing and spiritual sanctuary.

Our primordial desire to relate to our landscape, whatever that maybe. If you are an urbanite then it really does get fascinating and then to impose it as a type of will over the madding crowds is gradually gathering momentum just as the thunder clouds do on a hot day.

The College came into its own shortly after the First World War.

This was when people wanted to know about what happened to the millions that died on the front. Many luminaries of the time including Oliver Lodge, AE Wallace and of course Arthur Conan Doyle, who became president, worked hard at providing the answers of proof of survival after death. Not only that but the antiquated creationist ideas came under speculation especially after Darwin announced that we were in fact evolved from primates and not actually made individually in some kind of heavenly factory! We would now call this type of investigation quantum physics or quantum mechanics. I don’t want to go down this road right now, the nature of spiritualism is well documented without me adding my two-penneth at this point, other than to say that I have operated as a platform medium and taught psychic mediumship for many years and I have seen several beguiling and intriguing happenings.

What I do want to say is that it is of vital importance at this moment in our evolution that we have somewhere to go to explore our interior world.

When we enter the inner chambers we find the space for creative expression. The requisite to shut out the world to cultivate the focussed attention to receive inspiration and light is paramount to our development and the furtherance of our place in a perceived society. Places like the college provide the retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday ordinariness so that the extraordinary potential within each of us can be achieved. Spiritual disciplines and practice are of greater emphasis and can provide new insights and personal growth.

The College of Psychic Studies is a sanctuary.

These places are not only an externalisation of the inner sanctum but offer support and structure to the spiritual development of the individual and the wider community. They encourage positivity, optimism and circumstances for healing. We can explore deeply held values which need not be denied. Sanctuary is the place where the existential crisis that disarms can be turned into a meaningful experience and as a result we can acquire a new armoury of hope and grace. Psychic manifestations occur within the sanctuary that light a path through difficult and hazardous situations and we can add courage to our new found spiritual arsenal.

Sanctuary is invaluable, why?

Because we then find the prima materia for the beginning stages of transformation. The physical and the material become the spiritual and amidst that alchemy we discover wisdom and love.

We are able to build our own sanctuary.

A place where old wounds can be healed, health is restored and we can enjoy emotional well-being. Our search for gnosis, our connection to the one-ness emerges within the soul, light and divinity. Sanctuary brings a sense of being wrapped in the arms of Spirit and a deep desire to enfold the powers of the natural world in rebuilding a new Earth.


We have busy lives full of distractions. Do you have a place or a time that you can go within and touch base with your inner world?

Let’s get creative! Gather together some card or stiff paper, scissors, material, magazines and glue!

Make a vision board:

a. What does your inner world look like?

b. What do you wish to see within?

c. What is the message from within?

d. If your meditation was a collage, what would it look like?

e. If your picture was a Tarot card what would it be?

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