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“Innovation is deviance which means that the rebellious personality is a natural resource for practical creativity. As an innovator, you need to reject the old to establish a new, better, status quo. And one of the most powerful sources of newness is the rebel or maverick, mind.”

― Max McKeown

Isn’t the movement of the planets a fascination?

As I have mentioned before, I am no astrologer but I think there is a remarkable relationship between Tarot and astrology. Down the years, on my equally remarkable journey with Tarot, there have been moments when certain cards have introduced me to ideas about the planets they are associated with. It is an intrigue that the cards wish to speak of themselves and the elements and aspects which form part of their whole. The thing they have in common, of course, is that their narrative is a symbolic one. They ascertain that we relate to the world through a symbolic array of depictions which provide a dialogue as to how we operate in the world. Cool eh? We could then assume that everything is a symbol, including ourselves, it would appear that we are but an idea in the mind of God.

Even the artist formerly known as Prince toyed with the notion that he could simply be called symbol and he had the 'love' symbol to describe his monicker! I’ve gotta say, that was brave of him if not a tad avant garde…but I get it.

Mercury retrograde and Uranus stepping into Taurus.

As I write this, Mercury is about to go into retrograde and Uranus is set to move from the fiery crucible of Aries into the earthy but Venusian atmosphere of Taurus, he will stay there until 2025 leaving us plenty of time to get used to it all! Safe to say that March should be an interesting month!

Mercury in retrograde is an occurrence that I had never heard of until recent times. I am sure that astrologers have always been familiar with it but for some reason its apparent significance to mankind has emerged at a time when we are all raising our vibration, making potential shifts into new dimensions and generally getting spiritually switched on.

But what can we take from Mercury becoming retrograde?

It is likely that we will have to deal with communication problems, travel issues, commerce glitches and plans generally going awry, yet there is a deeper meaning. So, Mercury passes us on his way to the Sun, moving so swiftly that it seems he has stopped and is going backwards. Mercury is the divine messenger of the Gods so when this planet goes backwards we are told not to be surprised if our communications system, in whatever shape or form that may be including the throat centre, lose impetus and can be impeded.

I drew a card for the backward style Mercury and got the Page of Cups.

The place of Pages is one of study and learning. They search for deeper meanings and spiritual symbolisation and interestingly they are also, like Mercury, messengers. The Page of Cups implies the necessity for compassion. A dreamer and a visionary he is seeking mystic signs and guiding visions. There is a curiosity with this Page, especially in the area of metaphysics and esoteric teachings. He prompts meditation, healing, psychic development and ritual. He is also associated with travel and visitors from afar. Music and art are the very tonic for healing and energising, even poetry and words can express hidden meanings. In this Page the head and heart find harmony bringing a greater understanding of all life. There is something innocent and pure about this particular Page and we are reminded that as much as we give then we are to receive.

So, what could the Page of Cups advise us about this current phase of Mercury being in retrograde?

My sense is that it is not a time for actual travel. There could even be the collapse of an airline or things going awry with expected destinations...both external and in the inner world.

Art projects are not going to advance particularly quickly through this phase. It is perhaps better to make plans and get the work and ideas together ready for when Mercury goes direct again.

However, this is a good time for spiritual work, meditations and journaling are especially favourable. Maybe it is a time for looking back and asking what can we learn from our past creative endeavours? What have we learned about compassion and how can we best be in that compassionate place both for ourselves and with others?

If you are thinking of delivering speeches or clearing the air, now is not the time to do it; wait. That, for me, is the biggest lesson from Mercury in retrograde. Sometimes we have to read the signs, box clever and wait for the right moment to do things. Patience truly is a virtue!

Let’s turn to Uranus.

As far as I am aware, Uranus represents the Fool. He is the rebel, the maverick and the upstart. When Uranus transits into Taurus (Hierophant), it will bring revolution, new consciousness and innovation especially where the land and resources are concerned. The first thing that came to mind was issues around climate change and the hunting of animals so perhaps there could be protests and changes in legislation. It is more than likely we will see an upsurge of requests to support various campaigns and charities. If you have been wanting to get involved in something to save the planet then your time is coming!

The Hierophant which I see as a mixture of Venus, Saturn and Taurus, tells us that tradition is important but it is necessary to move away from dogma and be the maverick, see the beauty in all things, all a bit of a paradox really. With Uranus as an uneasy bedfellow we can see that perhaps it is a time for working with anything alternative within the institution. We can’t automatically change the system but changes can and do occur but it begins with an anarchy within.

Uranus in Taurus could bring a social order to reveal the inconsistencies amidst convention.

There is a sense of hypocrisy being exposed from unexpected sources. Human follies and absurdities will bubble to the surface for direct attention and while it all may seem highly amusing there is a dark overture of change.

Wild risks must be accounted for and there could be a heightened awareness of the suffering in the world and as a result we may see a shift towards fundamentalism in all ways. Even the New Age will be challenged by those seeking consistency and authority.

However, the rebellion that hangs in the air and is poking the establishment with a sharp stick, may well do a lot to further evolution and growth.

Walking the middle path has never been so vital or productive.
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